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DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers – It’s all about data and your data will need real time processing



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NTI JUL 21 - 1

Kirk Bresniker, HPE Labs Chief Architect / HPE Fellow / VP at HPE during HPE Discover 2021

Did you have an opportunity to tune in and watch HPE Discover 2021? Did the keynote sessions give you a better perspective on HPE? NTI had the opportunity to listen to all that was covered and it was hard to miss the focus given to data. HPE continues to emphasize the future as being edge to cloud but according to HPE CEO, Antonio Neri, “Data is obviously the most valuable asset that customers have today.”

NTI enjoyed the dual pleasure of not just tuning into HPE Discover 2021 virtual experience but also attended ATM Industry Association (ATMIA)  US Conference 2021. For the NonStop customers who are Financial Institutions (FIs), this is a must-attend event and many familiar names showed up on the attendee list. As the association name ATM Industry Association suggests, this event is all about ATMs and given how many of the worlds ATMs connect with and through at least one NonStop, it seemed only natural that we would participate.

Did we mention that this was an in-person event and it was being held in Las Vegas where you would normally expect to find HPE Discover taking center stage? With both events running simultaneously it proved tough going to ensure nothing was missed. Fortunately, HPE Discover 2021 began early Tuesday morning with a pre-briefing for press and influencers taking up most of Monday morning. Furthermore, the meaty part of ATMIA happened to be on Wednesday morning which left ample time to walk the exhibition floor Thursday.

NTI JUL 21 - 2

Busy times on the exhibition floor at ATMIA US Conference

Our big take away from the HPE event was the prominence of GreenLake in everything HPE did – its new products and platforms were all in support of GreenLake. It will continue to provide an alternate path to building out your data center with your own servers but it is now very much central to everything HPE is funding. Imagine NTI’s surprise that the highlight was the introduction by the GreenLake team of Lighthouse. Imagine too our pleasant surprise to hear GreenLake management talking about Lighthouse as a “unified platform!”

NTI is finalizing its own messaging for the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp and had already elected to focus on DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers where a lighthouse was featured. It will be all about finding a safe haven so you may want to begin setting aside time to attend this presentation from your NTI sales and marketing team. However, it became very clear that NTI’s preemptive move to pursue this focus has aligned the company well with where HPE is headed.

As for what NTI took with it following the ATMIA US Conference 2021, it was all about Next Gen ATM, crypto and digital currencies and yes, ransomware. Perhaps most relevant of all for the NonStop community was the focus of the keynote ATMIA presentation where two items jumped off the page. All the talk was about greater integration with mobile devices – the ATM / SmartPhone link. Furthermore, there was just as much talk about the value proposition that should come with ATM support for both Crypto currencies and Digital Currency, in particular Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).
NTI JUL 21 - 3

Closing slide at ATMIA on NextGen ATMs

As for the humble ATM itself, turns out ATMs have diverged considerably and with that divergence there are different groups of vendors and users – ATMs have gone up-market and are functionally rich even as other ATMs have been stripped down to the basics, just dispensing cash. Getting equal billing though were discussions on how best to support the cannabis industry and yes, how attractive could it be to add real-time sports betting and other online gaming capabilities to the ATM.

OK; so what does it all mean for us? ATMs are going to be involved in more transactions; more transaction processing and this looks as though our markets will want more capacity. Interesting enough, while data highlights transaction volumes have declined by 30%, the value of each transaction has skyrocketed – no more $20 withdrawals, more $200+ withdrawals.

Whether it is crypto or digital or basic pot transactions it would appear that transaction volumes are going to continue to grow. And retail transaction processing creates data and it has become truly a data-driven world. This too is the focus of DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers where data is central to what we do. Your data and your need to move data to wherever it is required, in the most appropriate form and in a manner that is timely and able to influence the business insights being generated.

Should you have any questions related to DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers or if you have any questions at all about meeting your data needs, then give us a call or email us directly and we will be happy to share with you more about the DRNet® solution. Call the number below or email us at any time at

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