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ETI-NET and the HPE message of transformation

Recent events highlight how strongly HPE is promoting the message of transformation but for ETI it’s apparent there will be few changes to our plans.




It is never an easy time for any vendor when so much is changing. Across the NonStop community discussions continue to be interrupted by speculation about where NonStop is headed – NonStop development has certainly lifted their game when it comes to developing new features and products but the question remains. Just how big impact are these changes having in the marketplace? It’s all very straightforward to announce new capabilities and to illustrate future development options in product roadmap presentations but what can we realistically expect to see become available and in what time frame?

In our previous article to NonStop Insider we wrote of how we at ETI-NET understood the value for the NonStop team to continue to focus on what is very new for the NonStop community – NonStop X (NS X) systems that have begun shipping in earnest as well as Virtualized NonStop (vNS) software, which we are now beginning to appreciate isn’t the next upgrade step for today’s NonStop users but rather the introduction of an entirely new set of steps. ETI-NET has come to terms that this is a new marketplace and as such will face its own challenges even as HPE looks to add an additional community to what already exists with the current NonStop systems. Quite simply, we just don’t see too many of our NonStop customers looking to upgrade from NonStop I systems to NS X systems and then to vNS!

The market for NS X systems will be something we will be working very hard to make sure we adequately support – all of early validation testing supports there being no change in our product lines in order for our customers to keep relying on the products already bought from us. Essentially, when looking closely at the strategy of transformation – and yes, NS X is transforming in that it is comprised entirely of industry-standard hardware components – it is transparent to us when it comes to execution. “Our objective is to make sure that we follow HPE roadmaps, of course, and in so doing, closely follow where their technology is heading,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault.

We are one of the HPE tools vendors and as such, ETI-NET will be playing a big part in the transformation solution particularly when virtualization and clouds are involved.” As we said in our previous article for NonStop Insider, HPE NonStop is demonstrating that its development teams are moving fast and this is always challenging for every vendor including ETI-NET. Equally as important for us, it isn’t always clear what customers will view as a priority. In the time that has passed we have come to recognize that ultimately not only will NonStop customers drive the agenda and timetable but will ultimately dictate just how much transformation will take place in each of their data centers.

For many, NS X will represent a logical upgrade path as they continue to rely on traditional computing systems. However, there will be others who embrace traditional computing systems even as they begin deploying server farms configured as private clouds where vNS will likely make an appearance. Either way, as we have noted, it’s all quite transparent to us as the need for backup will always remain even as the requirement to write to tape will be a regulatory requirement for many industries for years to come. However, this is all based on the conversations we have had to date with our customers and should you need to discuss your own plans with us in more detail, then by all means call us or drop us an email. We are only too keen to listen to whatever it is you have to say.ETI-NET and the HPE message of transformation

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