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ETI-NET: Together with HPE crossing the NonStop opportunity divide





We have talked often about what constitutes our culture and how it centers on interacting with the NonStop community. We have also made reference to the value ETI-NET sees in participating at NonStop events worldwide. The message we convey is one centered on our experience with data backup and how we have capitalized on our knowledge of NonStop and its data needs to where we have not only built a foundation with our software in data backup but have expanded into product offerings that support multiple backup targets, including the public cloud.

None of this would have been possible without the strong ties we have to HPE. It is through HPE and the NonStop team that our product offerings are part of the NonStop solution and it is the ETI-NET mix of hardware and software that not only has helped with major shifts from dependencies on changing disk offerings, including storage based on solid state and flash memory. The outcome of this continuous development program is that ETI-NET has delivered deep savings to our NonStop customers even as we have made the task of moving data to wherever it is needed a fallback option to any manner of data loss.

Our culture is heavily entrenched in partnerships. ETI-NET has enjoyed global success as a result of partnerships and yet, there is no letup in the technology advances that continue to have us looking at what needs to be provided next. It is a commitment to the NonStop community that we have made a very long time ago and in so doing, it has influenced NonStop customers, the NonStop team and HPE. It has been a serious contribution to ensuring that products we have in development are aligned with the market needs identified by HPE and the HPE NonStop team.

“Building partnerships to help close the opportunity divide.”
LinkedIn commentator, Linda Antonopoulos

It isn’t all that often that we come across commentaries on LinkedIn that so succinctly summarize what we do and what drives our culture. Of course, the reference to opportunity divides might be seen to include everything from political and social divides to natural landmarks. However, when it comes to technology and participating in the digital economy then meeting the needs of enterprise IT in today’s world of hybrid IT mandates  crossing that divide. It might seem insurmountable, like nothing can be done that might close the gap for our NonStop customers and yet they need to remain competitive in their selected markets.

“As the world becomes increasingly digital, we look to a future that’s
bright with possibilities. But until we radically rethink how we make decisions and who benefits from the outcomes, we risk reducing the chances of participation in the digital economy for billions of people.”
HPE Marketing’s web site

ETI-NET partnering with HPE and the HPE NonStop team is visible whenever user events occur. It represents yet one more visible example of the culture of ETI-NET. We enjoy the exchanges with the NonStop user community that inevitably arise – NonStop is fault tolerant but there are many ways whereby data can be corrupted or lost and backing-up data is always the best option to ensure business continuity. As the year begins to wind down, there are multiple NonStop events planned and you will see ETI-NET participating in many of these community gatherings.


Our next in-person event will be the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022 (NonStopTBC22) that will be held in Burlingame, California and ETI-NET is a Platinum Sponsor of this event. It will be yet another occasion to spend time with the NonStop community as we continue to demonstrate the culture that is core to ETI-NET even as it represents the highlight of the year for many within the NonStop community.

Later in the year you will also come across ETI-NET as it participates in the upcoming FY23 AsiaPac/Japan (APJ) Data Solution Boot Camp being held in Bangkok in early December. Like NonStopTBC22, this too will be an opportunity for ETI-NET to present product portfolio updates and you will be able to see firsthand how successfully the company continues to be in crossing the opportunity divide together with HPE and the HPE NonStop team. The global pandemic may have put a dent in our enthusiasm to be a visible part of a community that is meeting in-person once again but from our experience this year, it seems as though there is no lessening of enthusiasm to do so among the membership of the NonStop community.

Should you like to know more about ETI-NET the company and of our product portfolio then simply call or email us as we would be only too happy to respond to any inquiries that may arise.

Said Hini
(514) 663-0501