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Did you celebrate International Data Privacy Day?



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The purpose of Data Privacy Day (aka Data Protection Day in Europe) is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. It was initiated back in 2007 and now occurs on January 28 every year.

Why is this relevant for HPE NonStop users?

HPE NonStop systems provide availability, scalability and performance for industries that never stop! Industries like:

These are just a few areas in which NonStop systems produce and process a vast volume of mission-critical data, which at the end of the day needs to be protected properly.

But how do you protect the data effectively? In recent years, it became apparent that the best and most elegant way to protect sensitive data is to tokenize such data. Tokenization replaces the sensitive data, such as PANs (primary account numbers) with a token, which has no value to any criminal attempting to hack a system (even if they succeed).

The demand for tokenization is growing, and conversations with NonStop users have confirmed this trend. Globally, comforte is building on a track record of over 25 NonStop customers who run its tokenization solution.

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