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Gravic Presents at BELUG, INNIG, and MATUG Events




This month we attended and presented on HPE Shadowbase at BELUG and INNIG (Brussels and Amsterdam), and MATUG (Baltimore).

During the European events, we enjoyed meeting with the customer base at the local HPE offices, and reviewing our latest feature and solution enhancements, along with discussing our future product direction. In particular, we discussed how best to manage the replacement of RDF (now in the ‘Mature’ product state) with HPE Shadowbase, and presented examples of how to do this using the low-risk HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) approach.

The attendees were also keenly interested in our latest HPE Shadowbase Compare enhancements, (including our new Repair feature), which allows both the source and the target databases to remain online for updating while the comparison takes place (it manages any ‘false positive’ mismatches due to replicate latency). It also can be used to compare any two NonStop files or tables, regardless if they are being replicated or not (Enscribe or SQL). Since it works with any data replication engine environment, it can be used to validate and verify that the two databases match, and if not, will identify the discrepancies. The Repair feature is available when comparing NonStop SQL databases (MP or MX), and can be used to repair the discrepancies that are found.

We enjoyed connecting with everyone on a more personal level, along with sharing our various experiences and challenges. We appreciate the interest and feedback we received on our presentation, HPE Shadowbase Use Cases and Product Update. We hope the attendees enjoy their new Shadowbase socks! Special thanks to Ad Klijn, Bart Wever, and Ton Vrowe for coordinating the meetings, and for their hospitality while on site.

At MATUG, we also reminded the audience to consider migrating to HPE Shadowbase as their go-forward solution for the additional features it offers. We recapped a few slides from the TBC (Connect Technical Boot Camp) regarding the announcement of end-of-sales for specific J-series hardware platforms, and how HPE Shadowbase provides ZDM capabilities to assist customers in migrating to NonStop X with no risk and little to no application downtime (contact us for more information). We are grateful to John Vollers and Pat Boland for helping us plan and manage the MATUG meeting. We would also like to thank the other vendors that supported, attended, and presented, along with the consultants and customers that attended.


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We hope that you enjoy reading Gravic employee Paden R. Holenstein’s article, NonStop Impressions from an Under-30 Perspective in the final printed issue of The Connection, the November/December issue. Paden has worked in HPE Shadowbase Marketing for over two years, and writes about his experiences attending and presenting at various regional and international tradeshows.