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Importance of the solution – migrating to DRNet®? Be assured you are starting from a safe haven!



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NTI May 21

There is no discounting the impact the global pandemic is having on us all. With vaccinations available there is clearly light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully some form of normalcy will return, perhaps not next week or next month but at some point former routines and practices will be resumed and our interactions with each other will happen face to face again. When it comes to the turbulant times through which we have all gone, we have each found our safe haven, whether it’s an outside corner table at a café or simply a cosy room at home, it has been possible to gain some level of relief from all that occured beyond the safety of our immediate surroundings.

When it comes to NonStop, there has been no let up in product announcements. Whether it is the new NonStop NS4 X4 systems, the emergence of a viable virtual NonStop (vNS) platform or the realization that with NonStop SQL there is now a multi-tenancy NonStop SQL Cloud Edition for those looking to anchor their database in something reliable, conforming to industry standards. All of which to say that investments in the future of NonStop are looking like a safe bet even with all that has transpired these past twelve months. NonStop is unlike any other platform in terms of reliability, scalability and increasingly, security so much so that it is not just a safe bet to invest in NonStop but rather, the ideal choice when it comes to sustaining growth of your mission critical applications.

For NTI, the outlook we see across all of those enterprises deploying NonStop is that data remains a priority. It was in a promotional post prior to the HPE Discover 2019 event, HPE Discover 2019: Positive Change through Innovation – the last in person event for HPE’s premier conference – that HPE CEO Antonio Neri extolled the virtues of data:

“We see a world where everything is hyper-connected, intelligence and security is built into everything around us, generating data that creates insights and value. Data is the key – I believe it is the new currency.

“To harness the power of all your data, we have been driving a bold vision that the enterprise of the future will be edge-centric, cloud-enabled and data-driven.

“Enterprises who are able to instantly extract outcomes from all their data will be unstoppable.”

In today’s enterprises this focus on data is leading to rethinking choice of vendors and products. This is particularly the case among NonStop users as questions about support continue to be raised over the usability of NonStop RDF long term, the ongoing viability of some former high-profile third party products even as some are perhaps less than enthusiastic over the performance and indirect support of popular competitive alternatives.. For more than a year now, there have been numerous instances where these NonStop users have extended their commitments to DRNet® even as others have begun to give serious consideration to migrating to DRNet®. When it comes to capitalizing on data replication for more than just disaster recovery, it has become a question of when to migrate more so than if to migrate to DRNet®.

As the premier provider of mission-critical disaster recovery solutions for HPE NonStop systems, NTI has a proven track record of delivering technologically superior solutions together with the experience to make these solutions operational. NTI’s commitment to active research and development ensures the future availability of significant product enhancements for NTI clients that today ensure data can be replicated to databases and processes to transform data into information that provides meaningful business insights. HPE certainly has its bold vision and the NonStop community now knows that such boldness is not limited to HPE but extends to HPE NonStop partners like NTI.

NTI May 21 - 2

When NonStop users begin considering migrating away from existing products reducing the risks that might be involved is an important priority. When it comes to deploying data replication solutions such as to DRNet®, NTI mitigates the risks involved by working out of a safe haven. NonStop users can rest assured that just as individuals seek a safe haven so too do the IT professionals of any enterprises. And when it comes to choosing NTI and mitigating perceived risks from a migration NTI introduces HAVEN; in recognition that there are five important components to consider that differentiate NTI from all competitors:

H for History:

NTI pioneered Change Data Capture (CDC) technology for NonStop over three decades ago
– the least intrusive, lightest footprint and best performance

A for Access:

Talk directly with NTI
– only vendor with direct sales and support for HPE NonStop

V for Value:

Fully integrated enterprise replication solution on NonStop
– one stop shopping; no additional products required

E for Experience

Most comprehensive replacement product suite, lowest investment option, leveraging real-world experience
-best alternative to poorly support product offering lacking verifiable roadmap

N for Navigate:

Ease of networking, connecting with Databases, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehouses (DW); File Synchronization, Database Comparison, Nimble
– industry-standard integration via IDBC / JDBC access calls and JSON messaging

Should your concerns over migrating to the DRNet® solution be primarily ones about risk that stops you from taking a good long look at DRNet® then perhaps starting out from a safe haven is what you are hoping to find. Remember, too, that it was HPE Neri that said “Enterprises who are able to instantly extract outcomes from all their data will be unstoppable.” And should this lead to questions you would like to address with NTI then give us a call or email us directly and we will be happy to share with you more about the DRNet® solution. Call the number below or email us at any time at

Network Technologies International, Inc.

635 Park Meadow Road, Suite 209

Westerville, Ohio 43081-2877

Phone: +1 (614) 794-6000

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