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It’s that time of year again. Time for the TUG community to share, learn, and announce new developments in the NonStop space.

You’ll see Insider Technologies at BITUG, GTUG and VTUG before the summer is upon us!

It’s widely regarded that these conferences are some of the best organized.

But a TUG is tiny in comparison to those of Dreamforce, and South by Southwest. Even Glastonbury and Burning Man are taking on tech as part of their identity.

So how do these events happen?

There’s a huge amount of individual effort to coordinate these events, with a commitment to carry out tasks. Booking hotels, setting conferencing sessions, food & drink. Even printing out invitations and name cards. All this requires work and sometimes, repeating the same tasks again and again.

Leaders of companies often wander through many ways to improve all the different processes that must be done to achieve the same goal. They understand the importance of ensuring communication and efficiency between departments or groups within a bigger structure. Working independently of other departments could be disastrous, as members only think about solving matters that are important to them, rather than to have a complete understanding about their place in the workflow. Acknowledging the importance of management software for automating the workload process offers an incredible opportunity for team members to help visualize the impact and role of their task-solving activities, how this can affect other areas of business and the main objective of each company.

What is Workload Automation?

Workload automation is the evolution of traditional batch processing and may be used for tasks like running reports at a specific time and distributing them. Control-M and ActiveBatch can do that kind of task and send data between multiple platforms. For example, a Scheduled Task in Windows could pull data from Linux machines, run a job on a NonStop to collate it all, FTP the result to somewhere else and send out a report by email.

How is MultiBatch different?

MultiBatch is the next generation of workload automation. It’s a dedicated NonStop batch processing solution that employs Units and Segments to initiate, run and manage jobs related to business processes and transactions. The workload, in this context, can be thought of as the total amount of processing that a computer or a business is conducting at any given time. Workload automation makes it possible for much of that processing to take place without human intervention. MultiBatch’s workload automation is compatible with on premises, virtualized and cloud environments.

MultiBatch integrates scheduled changes to avoid resource conflicts and forecast when jobs will be finished. The software uses automated provisioning to respond to incidents and resource shortages, ensuring that jobs will conclude on time.

Next Generation Batch Processing

MultiBatch reduces batch runtimes, with zero impact on JCL maintenance. Validate your batch schedule in advance. Migrate your batch schedule between nodes. Get real-time visuals for all batch schedules, across all nodes. View current & historical job run times. Fully tokenized EMS events, including description of job functions, appearing within the event text. Recover & view batch schedule to last known status. Node, disk and subvolume values are changed dynamically during recovery. Simple command line recovery on new nodes. Get a TMF audited log file. Replicate everything to your standby node.
Drop in to our presentation at BITUG to see how MultiBatch can improve all your different processes that must be done for achieving a same goal.

Karl Gilbank | Sales & Marketing Director
+44 161 868 6658