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Next stop Edinburgh – the European Technical Boot Camp 2019



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The NonStop community is very much alive and kicking and is gathering every year at local and regional user group events around the world. The event season has picked up speed this year, and the next stop of the ‘NonStop event train’ is going to be at Edinburgh, Scotland, where this year’s European Technical Boot Camp (ETBC – formerly known as eBITUG and European NonStop Hotspot (GTUG)) takes place from 13-15 May.

All the NonStop user events, big and small, provide a great forum for customers and vendors alike to come together, discuss and explore ideas and requirements and to enjoy each others company.

But what makes these events so appealing for the ‘NonStop tribe’? What’s in it for the users and vendors who invest their time and money to attend?

While online community platforms are a very good way to connect with your peers remotely and globally, it is the peer-to-peer or face-to-face communication that makes user group events like the ETBC or TBC (to name but a few) so successful. It’s the best opportunity for NonStop users to meet up with the main vendors in the market and senior representatives of HPE. It allows them to collaborate and to network. Working with other customers and the vendors to exchange ideas and customer needs can even result in the development of new features, applications,  and products that address those requirements. Meeting and speaking with other NonStop customers attending the many presentations can allow one to improve their skills and to learn about features and processes that perhaps were not known before. Additionally, it is always good to meet others who have experienced similar situations so that collaboration can be more efficient and fulfilling. For customers, vendors and HPE alike, user group meetings are a cost-effective way of meeting many NonStop market stakeholders in one go.


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comforte’s commitment to the NonStop market and user group events remains undiminished.

At the ETBC in Edinburgh, comforte’s focus is firmly on data-centric security solutions, but also Connectivity, Digital Enablement/Modernization, and DevOps.

If you are attending the ETBC, make sure you don’t miss the following presentations:

Enterprise Tokenisation – Surely, you have it?

Anna Russell, SVP EMEA Sales, comforte

comforte CUSTOMER PRESENTATION – Securing Complex Systems Using Centralized Tokenization Service

Kresimir Jurisic, Enterprise Architecture Manager

Hrvoje Roncevic, Application Architecture Manager

Mercury Processing Services International

The role of NSGit in the DevOps space

Helmut Bernhard, Senior Solutions Architect, comforte


We would like to encourage you to find us at our stand in the vendor area to talk about any questions, ideas, and requirements you may have in terms of security, connectivity, digital enablement/modernisation, and DevOps. Or, in fact, anything else concerning HPE NonStop.

We are excited about attending ETBC in Edinburgh and are looking forward to seeing you there too!