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Now that it’s all about the Edge and the Cloud…

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With as many gatherings of the NonStop community as there have been of late and with as many NonStop product roadmap updates as there has been coming from HPE executives and managers, it has been a time for NTI to turn to our customers to see just how much of what HPE is talking about is developing traction. “We are all conscious of just how cautious our NonStop clients are when it comes to making major changes,” said Tim Dunne, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, NTI. “It’s been several years since HPE announced that NonStop X systems would become available but the NonStop user community has adopted a baby-steps approach to the introduction of these new NonStop X systems into production environments.” This isn’t a surprise for anyone familiar with the market places where NonStop supports mission critical applications, but all the same, noted Dunne, “Should we expect the movement to even more adventurous NonStop products like virtualization and NonStop as a Service to follow a similar baby steps model or will we see a faster rate of adoption of these new features?”

So what really is new and exciting? We asked this question in our latest post to the NTI blog and for a good reason. Clearly, the announcement earlier in the year that the update to virtualized NonStop (vNS) to support VMware had been completed struck a positive chord with all audiences hearing the message. After all, OpenStack with KVM may be of interest to some members of the NonStop user community – apparently, the telco marketplace where Network functions virtualization (NFV) steers the conversation towards KVM, but the real commercial market where NonStop systems resides favors VMware. Early prototypes of “virtualized converged NonStop” systems have been making the rounds of trade shows for more than a year but now we know them as the new NS2 systems. Designed to familiarize the marketplace with just how effective virtualization can be compared to traditional systems this move from “servers to cores” holds the promise of even greater deployment of NonStop in the near term.

If you missed reading the post referenced above and would like to read more about these observations together with additional commentary, check out our latest post to the NTI blog:
Events, Summits, Exhibitions and Symposiums – all providing valuable input for NTI!

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However, there is a lot more happening inside the data center that may push back any decisions to move to virtualized NonStop in the near term. There is greater attention being given today to data – HPE likes to remind its customers that time and data are the new currency of business and this doesn’t come as a big surprise to NonStop users who have been at the forefront of timely processing of mission critical transactions. However, the old school databases we have relied upon for decades are losing ground to NoSQL, Hadoop, etc. as we transition to data lakes. Gone is the push to deploy data appliances like Netezza, TeraData and even some use case scenarios involving IBM with DB2. From the Edge to the Core, the messages coming from vendors are the same – operations technology involves OLTP style data bases whereas data center and cloud technology demands different solutions for managing vast volumes of data. And today, the Core could be all cloud based or a hybrid of traditional systems with private clouds.

According to HPE, “Accelerating time to value is the ultimate goal – success favor enterprises that can invent, reinvent and deliver new outcomes at warp speed.” What HPE sees developing is the split between real time actions – that is, operations and in-band analytics – and longer term learning – that is, enterprise systems and out-of-band analytics! It will take time to see how this develops among our NonStop clients but what this means is that data isn’t going to always be the same data; what is meaningful data for the real time actions may look a lot different from the data for out-of-band analytics but the one constant that will remain is that for the near to mid-term, data will be moved and NTI has the solutions in place already to accommodate it all.

“When it comes to the support provided today by NTI, if our clients source data is on NonStop under the management of NS SQL, and the target is NoSQL, Hadoop, etc. we do not require any access to intermediate servers to complete the replication. If any target supports JDBC we can ship the data there now with the products we already have,” said Dunne. “We are already replicating to instances at AWS and other cloud providers; it’s not a problem for DRNet®.” As it stands today, where time and data are the new currency, NTI has data covered for its NonStop clients. Should you want to know more about how DRNet®can be beneficial to any project involving integrating edge and core where NonStop is present, then visit our web site for more information about NTI and DRNet®or simply reach out to the sales team at NTI either by emailing us at sales@network-tech.comor calling us at +1.614.794.6000

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