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NTI: A Connect Diamond Sponsor shining bright at NonStopTBC22



More than a few weeks have now passed since we headed to our flights home from this year’s major NonStop event. It was just four days of intense networking with deep dives into all things NonStop, but the NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022 (#NonStopTBC22) rewarded its attendees with many experiences similar to those we can recall from ITUG Summits of former times.

The crowd may not have been as big as they were back in those ITUG times, but coming out of our remote workplaces to attend an in-person event was a clear sign that the impact of the global pandemic was becoming a thing of the past. Uncertain about just how many members of the NonStop community would travel to the San Francisco bay area, the Connect organization bravely weathered the tempests that otherwise had sunk so many planned events of 2020 and 2021. It was with an audible sigh of relief that arose from their registration desk as a steady flow of attendees began registering for the conference.

Whether you would call it a show or an event or a conference it mattered little to all those who participated. After all, being let off the leash to discuss the finer points of NonStop was stimulus enough to sail into NonStop TBC22 without a second thought. As for NTI there was an even greater expectation than previously entertained, as NTI elected to step up to supporting the event as a Diamond Sponsor. Sharing this honor with HPE, we elevated the company’s profile to where it became hard to miss our presence given that we brought with us a cross section of the NTI Americas team. Looking back at the event it reminded Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales of the journey NTI has undertaken of late –  

“When I joined NTI the number one objective I was given was to rejuvenate our place within the NonStop Community as we identified this was an area of opportunity.  And our perseverance in this regard is paying dividends as we can now address NonStop users’ needs to do more than just replication. Having options has always proved beneficial to IT and is the cornerstone for maintaining flexibility and independence.”

It was just as hard to miss our support of the NonStop vendor community as we unveiled our growing NonStop vendors’ ecosystem. Spanning the mix of selling partner products to tapping the expertise of other products complementary to DRNet®/Unified to where numerous services vendors have come aboard, NTI remains focused on our core competencies. With elements of an independent software stack beginning to take shape, customers of NonStop are being presented with real alternative solution offerings that may have otherwise not been as prominently highlighted on the radar screens of this segment of the NonStop community.

NTI, working with NonStop partners, is creating our own path through infrastructure and middleware product portfolios to ensure that best-of-breed products remain available and can provide sufficient traction in the marketplace to be considered viable and indeed quite often be recognized for being superior product offerings. Customers of NonStop were left in no doubt about the value afforded them with this event being held, when Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales was singularly unambiguous in his support of the event and of events to come –  

“Had TBC 2022 only satisfied one objective among many, restoring the sense of community absent this past year or so, then NonStop TBC 2022 delivered and then some! Connect has always been the premier organization for NonStop vendors to communicate their message in a way that is neither diluted nor even truncated and so Connect gives everyone in the NonStop community a voice.

“With TBC 2022 done and dusted and with expectations vastly exceeded, NTI now turns its attention to 2023 where customer satisfaction, growth of the NTI community and preparations for TBC 2023 in Denver take center stage.

When talk of tempests and the desire for smooth sailing, even as all around us there will be those in distress, society as a whole looks for safe havens. By attending this latest NonStop event you have come aboard a community that values cooperation through leveraging the accumulated knowledge of highly experienced professionals. A simple conversation may be all it takes for a NonStop customer to avoid being lost at sea, awash in a tidal flow taking them into uncharted waters. It is the continued pursuit of this ideal that has been a highlight of the year for NTI.

An appreciation for safety hasn’t been lost on NTI as the management of risk is ever at the forefront of enterprise IT management. Access to products – even best of breed – requires a constant juggling of priorities. Risk versus reward; cost versus value; present versus future with the thought of degrading the key attributes of NonStop a constant source for concern. However, a key message of DRNet®/Unified has been its focus on stability even as it addresses today’s modern world.


With H, it’s the History of NTI, with NTI pioneering Change Data Capture (CDC) together with their ability to replicate data whether audited or unaudited.

As for A, it is Access, with NTI affording all NonStop customers a direct line of sight when it comes to any interaction with the company.

Taking center stage is V, conveying Value of fully integrated solution, as a unified solution meeting all the data replication needs of today’s enterprise whether for business continuity, integration, transformation and distribution.

Without E, representing decades of Experience, as comprehensive a solution as is  DRNet®/Unified, when it comes to an investment in the solution there is real value in being able to rely on the experience of the NTI team.

Finally, N being perhaps the most relevant of all as for NonStop today, it’s all about the need to Navigate. Ensuring your NonStop system isn’t left tied up, dockside, but rather, with DRNet®/Unified navigating the larger world of hybrid IT, connecting to databases, warehouses, fabrics and processes is readily at hand.

If returning from NonStop TBC22 is leaving you with the need to know more about DRNet®/Unified then turn to the NTI web site and scroll through the pages under the tab, Company. With all that NTI achieved at NonStop TBC22 through its Diamond sponsorship, there will be many members of the NonStop community wanting to know more about DRNet®/Unified and how it would be beneficial to their enterprise and we at NTI are ready to respond to any and all inquiries.

Simply call the number below or email us at any time at  even as we encourage you to plan on attending NonStop TBC23 in Denver and before that event comes around, maybe it will be at the upcoming pan-European eBITUG event in Edinburgh where next we all will meet.  

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