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NTI applauds the commitments companies are making to NonStop; Business Continuity remains a priority.



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NTI JUL 2020 - 1

The global pandemic has stuck deep into communities and, for many of us, it’s been either a circumstance where we have been in lockdown or perhaps allowed some travel for essentials. It’s been a time of deep reflection about work and the impact on assumptions we have made about traditional workplace environments. For many of us it has been a time when expectations were such that simply doing business presented enormous problems and for those of  us who spent many of our working days in and out of airports, it’s been quite an adjustment to simply sit by the phone and a computer screen all day.

For NTI the transition hasn’t been as difficult as it may have been for other vendors as our full-timers adjusted quickly to working remotely. The infrastructure we had in place had already been tuned to meet the needs of developers, support staff and all those in sales. And yet, as the months ticked by there was always the concern that perhaps the shape of business would be altered in ways that made assumptions about our workplace less important than the assumptions we were making about the needs of our customers.

Fortunately, providing infrastructure and solutions in support of our NonStop users’ mission critical applications meant that upgrades continued even as transaction volumes escalated rapidly across some industries. It would be safe to say that, overall, NTI has been very pleased with the commitments the NonStop user community has been making to ensure that their companies could stay in business no matter what was happening outside of their offices. Business Continuity remains a priority and NonStop users have demonstrated their commitment to NonStop by continuing to enhance their applications’ capabilities during this time of crisis.

“It’s been a very good quarter for NTI in spite of all that we have been subject to as COVID-19 continues to infect our communities,” said Tim Dunne, NTI’s Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales. “Having introduced TANDsoft’s FS Compare and FS Repair to our customers where we knew there would be a real need we have now seen interest in both products grow considerably. Providing even more encouragement for us here at NTI has been the traction we see developing that confirms DRNet® as a capable, direct replacement for alternative incumbent replication technologies. This upward trajectory in sales that we were confident would happen for some time now is just further proof of how well we are addressing the needs of NonStop users. This has led to several ‘new logo’ initiatives underway for our premier business continuity product offering, DRNet®.”

NTI JUL 2020 - 2

Just a short time ago, the focus of many in the industry was on HPE Discover Virtual Experience. This event went virtual because of the global pandemic and to shine a spotlight on the potential to become infected, HPE CEO Antonio Neri announced just days before the event started that he had been informed that he had contracted COVID-19. This would mean his keynote address would be given from his living room couch! Fortunately for him and his family it appeared not to be a serious ailment and it clearly did little to tamper his enthusiasm for the event. The importance of this annual event shouldn’t be discounted in any way by the NonStop community as a healthy and profitable HPE means there is continued funding in support of a healthy and profitable NonStop business.

Perhaps the biggest message coming out of this event is the attention HPE is giving to the Edge-to-Core transformation under way. As part of HPE’s championing of the edge expanding to become an “intelligent edge,” where processing moves even closer to where data is created, HPE noted that industry analysts are beginning to talk about the emergence of smaller data centers everywhere – not a return to distributed data centers as such, but rather, sources of specific intelligence at the outer reach of touch points between companies and their end users and business partners.

For NTI, this is not an unrealistic expectation. “The growth in data being created and captured means it cannot all be simply dispatched to a central site, “said Dunne. “There is just too much data and lots of data doesn’t necessarily mean you have lots of information.” We anticipate that the NonStop community will see the movement of NonStop closer to the source in the coming years and we appreciate that this will involve even more actions being taken by NonStop users to ensure business continuity.

“For now, even as we have heard of HPE’s plans for the intelligent edge and understand its vision for Edge-to-Core delivered as a service, during this latest quarter we haven’t seen any immediate impact on NonStop deployments,” Dunne responded to questions on this topic. “We will be watching how this plays out in the medium term and we will be talking to our customers but we are ready for such an evolution in NonStop deployments; our strategy of PROVisioning: Excellence in Data is all about being fully prepared to address these changes.” HPE Discover did deliver on observations we have been making for some time now that being the acknowledgment that as an industry, IT is entering an age of insight.

Data and indeed information alone is not enough but the understanding of data in a way that allows us to change business models and keep them aligned with markets means protecting data and being able to keep processing no matter what has become even more critical to business today – there is no such thing as trivial or disposable data and making sure data remains available is fundamental to where NTI continues to direct all of its attention.

If our strategy or the products now being delivered as part of PROVisioning: Excellence in Data is of interest to you, then simply call or email us at any time. And, as a timely reminder, we will be participating in the upcoming European NonStop HotSpot / IT-Symposium 2020 – Conference & Exhibition to be held in Berlin, Germany September 7 – 9.



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