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NTI turns to in-person events to champion DRNet®/Unified as NonStop Community’s best solution for all things data driven





With travel restrictions being lifted at a rapid pace and hotels beginning to provide services that are normally expected of them, it is an overwhelming sense of relief that road trips are once again getting pinned to our calendars. It is as if the gates have been opened. Perhaps not fully, but even as the need for returning negative results for last minute COVID tests has lessened, a sense of normalcy is returning. For this, NTI is extremely grateful and we have entered a period being classified as the new normal with a renewed sense of optimism about the future of the NonStop community.

A return to in-person events is a reflection of our desire for social interaction and when it comes to the HPE NonStop community, nothing beats a gathering of the community to bring out the best in what we like to do. We aren’t simply talking about the traditional beer bust or the prizes given out at the end of an event but rather the opportunity to talk to the community as a whole. While HPE remains our primary vendor and continues to support such in-person activities, it was also good to see our Connect Community CEO fully engaged with all the activities.

In-person User Group Events – whether you prefer to call them RUGs or Chapters – may have kicked off in Tampa, Florida, earlier in the year where the SunTUG community came together, but with subsequent in-person events held in Reston, Virginia, with MATUG responsible for putting on the show, it was the bigger in-person event in London with a good crowd showing up for the BITUG BIG SIG where it became clear that such events were signaling their return in force.

“At NTI we have always considered such in-person events as our primary interface with the NonStop community,” said Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales. “Being a Platinum Sponsor of BITUG where we helped out with the funding of the previous evening’s beer bust and then the catered luncheon, NTI sees this as a highly visible way to keep our company in the minds of all participants.” As the business requirement to become more data driven as an enterprise it is important to realize that for a NonStop user there are many options afforded today, with none better than what NTI is delivering.”

As a Platinum Sponsor it also gave NTI the opportunity to give a plenary session where additional product packages were introduced to the European market.  DRNet®/Unified has become our brand with a second product package added to the brand’s portfolio. First introduced at MATUG and with a reference made in presentations given the month before at GTUG – perhaps the last virtual experience for the NonStop community – NTI has introduced DRNet®/Unified for Business Integration.

Joining the initial NTI product package offering, DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers, “the company is positioning DRNet® to meet the needs of NonStop users looking to either deploy all of DRNet® for replication, integration, transformation and distribution,” said Dunne. “Adding DRNet®/Unified for Business Integration presents us with an opportunity to provide solutions for integration and transformation with open platform and processes as well as to support distribution to the edge and the cloud without any need to activate our data replication features.” When looking at opportunities to support distribution, NTI continues to ensure the lowest TCO as there are no additional fees associated with target platforms and services no matter how many might be involved.

The presence of Connect at BITUG was a welcome addition. As Connect launches a new Tech Forum, Business Integration and Analysis, Connect has the full support of NTI and with the launch of this Tech Forum at the upcoming HPE Discover event, look for Richard Buckle to make the introduction at a Connect session Tuesday June 28, 2022 at 3:30. Make sure you add this to your personal agenda as you finalize your preparations for attending HPE Discover 2022. As part of his presentation, Richard is sure to illustrate current product offerings with examples provided by NTI.

For many years now Connect has been the home for all information about upcoming events. It is where you find many NonStop focused publications and it is where opportunities to find out more about NonStop solutions – application, middleware, tools, utilities and more – and the benefit of so hosting is becoming even more important in 2022. It is with some reluctance that, upon reflection and after NTI has attended two most recent events, the company is left to wonder why, “instead of building a stronger NonStop community in these tumultuous times, the community is not as united as is should be,” said Dunne. NTI is doing everything possible to unite partners leaving Dunne to observe, “given that the NonStop community is not united and indeed visibly shrinking as a community, the very last thing any of us should be contemplating is a decline in unity.”

There will be additional in-person events as the year progresses with perhaps none more important to the NonStop community then the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022 (NonStopTBC22). A return to Burlingame, California, will provide the NonStop community with numerous opportunities to interact with users, vendors and Connect. For many it will be a celebration of all things that have helped the NonStop community thrive for more than four decades. NTI will have a significant presence at NonStopTBC22 where further details on DRNet®/Unified will be unveiled so look to that for NTI to provide further information on what can be expected to appear in 2023.

Should you be interested in knowing more about DRNet®/Unified product packages, the latest data sheets can now be downloaded from the NTI web site. Turn to the Resources page to download the BITUG BIG SIG presentation and to select Data Sheets or simply follow the links below –

Tearing down silos with DRNet®/Unified

DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers

DRNet®/Unified for Business Integration

Should you also wish to enter into a discussion with the NTI sales team on the full value proposition of these product packages then call the number below or email us at any time at

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635 Park Meadow Road, Suite 209
Westerville, Ohio 43081-2877
Phone: +1 (614) 794-6000

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