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Payments and Infrastructure Assurance in a Virtualized World

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PayPal’s recent acquisition of iZettle once again shows that the payment processing sector remains hugely dynamic. At $2.2billion, it’s PayPal’s biggest ever transaction, and double the valuation that iZettle was reported to be seeking from a listing on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Whilst the deal is expected to close in Q3, there will be many long months of integrating the two organisations whilst continuing to maintain the high levels of services that have made these companies industry leaders.

When managing a network of disparate systems, it becomes ever more important to ensure that the services these systems provide are then meeting the intense demands placed upon them and that they continue to do so.

Service failures may impact on information transfer and therefore the financial health and reputation of an organisation could be seriously affected.

Sentra from Insider Technologies offers data mining and reporting capabilities that allow clients to predict future trends, enabling your business to make proactive, knowledge driven decisions.

Sentra is a client-server software solution for the centralised management of multi-vendor and multi-platform systems. Its extensive features enable optimal availability, functionality and performance of your service provision, achieving all of this with centralised alerting, querying, escalation, tracking and reporting tools from a single secure browser accessible interface.

Sentra collects data from many sources (payment engines, system components, application events, log files) and interprets them in terms of how they affect your overall service.

Business Activity Monitoring allows business users to define and extract crucial data which is then used to visualise the end-to-end payment process. Browser visuals alert users to any exception conditions such as processing bottlenecks and problem payments.

One or more real-time chart graphical views can be displayed, each showing how an aspect of your service provision is performing. Charts can be linked together to provide drill-down capabilities, allowing you to obtain detailed metrics of a payments gateway system.

The powerful and comprehensive query engine supplied with Sentra enables all captured data can be queried ‘off-line’, meaning that your monitored systems are left untouched during this process.

Queries on your payments, transactions, ATM/POS data and log files can all be performed long after the data has been archived off to another storage media or platform.

The intuitive querying facility enables a user to simply enter the search criteria to return the required results – no programming knowledge is required.

Reports are provided ready to run, such as BASE24 POS approval, denial & timeouts, throughput rates; application availability; performance counters; security; WebSphere MQ.

Sentra provides a centralised, rules-based means of monitoring your SLA’s

Predefined rules for all major data types are shipped within the Sentra database, providing an extremely powerful systems management tool.

Using low-overhead data extraction agents, Sentra also sends financial lifecycle data transactions to a database, where real-time rules are set to trap and alert on abnormal conditions, or to highlight a problem in the transaction flow.

The powerful database and rules querying engine that underpins Sentra – RTLX – enables customers to develop real-time payments and transaction monitoring products.

RTLX monitors in real-time the transaction flow created by BASE24 ATM/POS applications. The module maintains a centralised database of transaction data from one or more BASE24 nodes and analyses the information in real time.

Reports from our RTLX Reactor product provide a more intuitive and often a quicker means of developing reports instead of the HPE NonStop ENFORM approach.

There are numerous benefits to employing Sentra as your centralised management product, and Sentra is competitively priced against many of the more traditional platforms used in the financial services sector.

Sentra is made available direct from Insider Technologies and via our partner programme, Inside Track.

Contact us now for a demonstration of how Sentra can make big improvements to your service monitoring and management.

Karl Gilbank | Sales & Marketing Director
+44 161 868 6658