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Striim – let 2019 be the year you take Striim for a test drive!  




There comes a time when you just have to try it out for yourself. Whether it’s as simple as downloading a new app to your phone or something with a much stronger emotional connection such as test-driving a new car: ultimately, you just have to do it! However, when it comes to enterprise software it hasn’t been that simple. Until now, that is. Striim is giving you the opportunity to take Striim for a test ride and not just on a commodity server but with NonStop as a source!

If you have missed our front-page story on the Striim web site, Stream to the Cloud – Striim moves data continuously and in real time across on-premises and Cloud environments then just follow this link to download a free trial of Striim. You will see that among the choices of sources there is NonStop! The aim of this new opportunity for the NonStop community is to demonstrate how easy it is to integrate NonStop with your choice of cloud computing environments. To see the full list of target clouds, just follow this link –

With all the discussions these days concerning the many options available to the NonStop community 2019 looks to be the year where NonStop heads down many different paths. All paths of course representing the best use case scenario for individual NonStop users – you can do it your way, after all. When it comes to public clouds, then it’s all about integration with cloud applications. Take for instance Microsoft Azure: “Striim enables continuous, real-time data movement and in-stream transformations from a wide variety of sources” and then integrates the data, again in real-time, with “a wide variety of Azure solutions including Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure databases, and other Azure Analytics Services.”

Should you be electing to bring popular cloud offerings in-house to run on private clouds – a more likely scenario for many NonStop users simply wanting to take a look at the potential benefits of running a true Hybrid IT environment, then the Striim demo will work just as well. It’s not a case of whether the data or application running today on NonStop needs to be integrated with cloud applications, but when! The 2019 will be the year we see many more enterprises electing to take Hybrid IT for a test drive and this will include some elements of cloud computing. With as much emphasis as HPE has placed on simplifying the transformation to Hybrid IT we can only expect to see even more attention given to pursuing such an undertaking. Striim is fully across such undertakings and is offering every NonStop user the chance to take their first baby steps towards this goal.

For Striim, this past year has been about consolidating our presence on NonStop. Those users who have been testing Striim with PoCs and Pilots now have Striim operational on NonStop. And we would be only too happy to talk about the variety of solutions being supported by Striim on NonStop today. As we look at what lies ahead of the NonStop community in 2019, we can see many more NonStop users being tasked to integrate their data and applications with enterprise applications that are cloud based.

This should neither be a surprise to the NonStop community or the source of any anxieties – it’s just going to happen. But with Striim available to trial, this may be the very instrument you need to more fully demonstrate the new NonStop everyone talks about of late running on x86 or virtually! Even if your only goal is to run a mix of traditional NonStop on the new NonStop X systems along with virtual NonStop on the even newer NS2 systems (for development and testing purposes perhaps), then knowing you can test future integration of applications early may be beneficial for many NonStop users.

Whether you are about to deploy access to a cloud in house or via a popular industry service, knowing that you can check it all out on the basis of a free trial has to generate a lot of interest among NonStop users in 2019. If you would like to know more about this option do check out our web site – it’s all there on the home page and you can always reach out to us for more information at any time. With the busy schedule of user events about to start shortly we are looking forward to seeing many of you and this too would be a good opportunity to talk to us as we will be only too happy to discuss how Striim can be meeting your business needs today.

Katherine Rincon | Senior Vice President, Marketing
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