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Striim Rises to the Occasion:

Embracing Hybrid IT and Advanced Analytics in HPE NonStop Environments




One of the most significant words that have fallen very quickly out-of-favor with the NonStop community has been “modernization.” It’s as if someone, somewhere, woke up to the fact that references to modernizing a system or application implied that it was old, even possibly legacy –words nobody wants to see associated with NonStop. After all, today’s NonStop runs on industry-standard x86 architecture supported by open systems InfiniBand and yes, is now available to run as a guest of a virtual machine on anyone’s x86 / converged Ethernet system as just another virtualized workload.

However, this reaction does in fact ignore all of the changes taking place around cloud computing – anything that has no touch point with clouds either private or public has to wear some form of pre-modern mantle, no matter how you look at it. As is often observed, no matter how you dress it up, if it calls for a hat and gloves well, it’s the look of your parents. Yes, it’s old!

For the NonStop community, this has been a tumultuous time as so much about NonStop has undergone change. As noted above, it’s now capable of running with no connection to the hardware and very few members of the NonStop community expected to see that develop in their lifetime. But indeed, it has, and in so doing, is now pushing NonStop headlong into consideration for cloud deployment – private clouds initially, but with the breaking news of support for VMware coming at a time when Amazon Web Services is supporting VMware. The possibilities look encouraging for virtualized NonStop eventually running in public clouds.

A step closer to consideration as modern is data analytics – solutions that are driven from the results of analytics performed on related, data and where behavior changes are taken into consideration even as transactions are being enacted. Well, it just has to be viewed as being modern, doesn’t it! No matter how you look at it, the whole topic of analytics has only recently surfaced as a topic of importance for CIOs, and it has brought with it many discussions on exactly how best to embrace analytics. Clearly, there is a data issue along with the adoption of products and technologies that are not typically well-known or even well-understood inside the data center.

Either way, as your company embraces clouds and analytics, and you take on the look of a very modern data center, then your transactional solutions running on HPE NonStop systems cannot afford to be left alone, operating as if they were yet another silo of technology. HPE NonStop systems support highly important mission-critical solutions, and the data they contain requires not only timely integration with other on-premise transactional systems and cloud environments, but also with Kafka, Hadoop and NoSQL environments, in order to improve decision making and gain competitive advantage. Analytics are only as good as the data that is provided to them – incomplete information will only skew results and lead to poor performance in the marketplace. The landscape is changing whereby all the data has to be included.

To highlight this new emphasis on integration and to illustrate how important it is for the NonStop community, there will be a webinar held on May 23 on this topic. The speakers on this occasion will include Striim CTO, Steve Wilkes, along with Pyalla Technologies CEO, Richard Buckle. In this presentation, you will learn how to quickly upgrade your data architecture by using streaming integration for your critical data sources running on HPE NonStop. You will also discover how to prepare your transactional data through stream processing and enrichment with external data, all before the data is delivered to cloud, analytical environments, or other transactional systems.

This webinar will focus on achieving a modern data infrastructure for mission-critical systems best suited for ensuring data doesn’t remain trapped within a NonStop system silo and that it is:

You will hear about how other NonStop users have successfully leveraged streaming integration to enhance their big data analytics, connect on-premise systems with cloud environments, and gain real-time operational intelligence from their data in HPE NonStop servers. Something clearly that no member of the NonStop community will want to miss out on hearing more of – so check your inbox or visit the Striim web sitefor more information on this upcoming webinar. If for any reason you cannot find reference to this upcoming webinar, then by all means reach out directly to me as I will be only too happy to provide you with an update.

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