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The use case for Single Sign-on and Identity and Access Management on NonStop Systems



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Every day, employees log in to many different software programs, from email to payment systems, and a myriad of other applications designed to help accomplish their daily tasks. Remembering all of the usernames and passwords associated with these products can be a real challenge with some users storing passwords insecurely, leading to severe data breaches. Single sign-on systems (SSO), i.e. moving to standardized services for digital identity, are crucial in alleviating the need for — and stress of — recalling a multitude of credentials. Providing a good SSO user experience has become more complex because the technical professionals responsible for implementing identity and access management (IAM) systems must balance user convenience against enterprise security risks.

As businesses strive to improve their security processes and procedures, an increasing number of HPE NonStop users are looking at ways to integrate access to their NonStop systems and applications into the overall authentication and access management environment.

This feasibility study is based on the experience drawn from several customer projects, and its purpose is to describe how Single Sign-On (SSO) and Identity & Access Management (IAM) can be implemented on HPE NonStop systems. References to an existing IT environment, including Nonstop systems, tools and solutions are made with real-world customer scenarios in mind.

Please read the full article to learn about the use case for SSO/IAM, its requirements and possible solution options.

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