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DRNet®/Unified – with unity comes clarity. For NonStop users this creates value.



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This past month NTI announced via multiple social media channels an extension of its partnership with TANDsoft.  In so doing it unveiled a key message for the NonStop community; unity. The introduction of DRNet®/Unified reflects our intent to be the “one source from which to acquire proven data replication and integration technology.” NTI has been clear with its messaging. NTI is all about data – your data. What you require of your data is important to NTI and with DRNet®/Unified as our overarching brand, the NonStop community can be assured that whether the requirement is for an “industry leading solutions supporting non-transactional file synchronization, backup and restore capabilities and the most robust, fastest database compare and repair technology” then they need look no further than to NTI.

This announcement came soon after NTI announced its relationship with Concerto , as featured in the February, 2021, issue of NonStop Insider, which too clearly projected this message of unity. Concerto will have sales and support responsibility for the NTI product portfolio and in so electing to be an NTI partner caters to global markets that are keen to have options when it comes to vendors addressing their data needs.  When it comes to data, NTI continues to be the premier provider of mission-critical disaster recovery solutions for HPE NonStop systems. NTI has a proven track record of delivering technologically superior solutions together with the experience to make these solutions operational and this is not going unnoticed by NonStop vendors.

If you missed the publication of the news release in support of the NTI and TANDsoft partnership, simply follow this hyperlink to the articles published by Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales:

Announcing “DRNet® Unified” – a comprehensive alternative for NonStop Business Continuity

When it comes to unity, as is being projected today in DRNet®/Unified, it only succeeds where there is clarity of vision together with clarity of product objectives. For NTI, this clarity has led to the unveiling of its vision for data, PROVisioning: Excellence in Data. According to posts published by IT management blogger, Glenn Remoreras, “Business and IT need to work together to bring engagement upstream and convert solution based conversation into value and business based conversation.” Remoreras then suggests that, “The strategic speed of this convergence depends on three drivers: clarity, unity, and value creation. These are the components of the virtuous cycle of trust.”

NTI JUNE 21 - 2

Expressed in a more straightforward manner, “Clarity means being able to answer the question: “Where are we going and why?” whereas “Unity means that once business and IT are clear on where they are headed, they agree wholeheartedly on the merits of that direction and the need to work together to move ahead.” Nothing can stand in the way; it’s clear sailing! It is in this spirit of working together that NTI continues to build out its ecosystem of partners, whether it is related to products or market reach.

“DRNet®/Unified signals our willingness to work with other NonStop venders to better address business requirements and by being clear with our vision and unity with our products,” said Dunne, “our NonStop users will realize the business value NTI creates for each of them.” For NTI customers, DRNet®/Unified represents the very core of DRNet® even as it provides the underlying platform for all other capabilities. When NTI addresses the data needs of business today it capitalizes on years of experience using Change Data Capture (CDC) methodologies and with replicating data to better support business continuity with NTI:Replicate, provide business insight with NTI:Integrate, extend business cooperation with NTI:Distribute and expand business opportunity with NTI:Transform.

As risk averse as the NonStop community just happens to be – it is the nature of running mission critical applications – NTI is committed to ensuring your continued sailing in clear waters. Clarity and unity creating real value is the goal of each program of NTI. For the NonStop community it is just as important to know that they have options when it comes to products that support their data. “NTI offers a triad of advantages over the competition – namely, lowest total cost of ownership for a single-vendor, TMF-protected and non-TMF protected integrated replication and integration solution featuring direct support,” Dunne has stated many times before. And no clearer message could be conveyed just as the importance of unity cannot be ignored.

Should you have any questions related to the partnership with TADNsoft and what it adds to the DRNet® portfolio or if you have any questions at all about meeting your data needs, then give us a call or email us directly and we will be happy to share with you more about the DRNet® solution. Call the number below or email us at any time at

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