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ETI-NET presence at virtual NonStop TBC 2021 featured two new products




ETI Oct 21

As we believe is the case for many members of the NonStop vendor community, we are making an adjustment to the world of virtual events. We know and indeed appreciate how well Connect and HPE responded to the challenge of changing the format of this event from one that was planned to be in-person in Denver, Colorado, to the virtual event that took place. If we had any lingering doubts about the outcome then hearing that with the short notice of the change in format over 1,000 attendees participated put an end to any worries!

For ETI-NET what we were looking forward to hearing more about was GreenLake. With as much attention as HPE is gaining in the press it was important for us to understand the way in which GreenLake and the NonStop team cooperated and of the value NonStop participation in the GreenLake program would bring to our enterprise customers. Whenever there are references to cloud computing and services being made by a major vendor, there is some hesitance over the implications for the users and for ETI-NET team, a desire to know of the impact GreenLake might have on our development programs.

I was expecting a discussion about GreenLake, and that’s exactly what the NonStop team facilitated,” ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault.  “I learnt a few more things about GreenLake that were important to me and I now believe GreenLake will lead to new sales for NonStop and for ETI-NET.  Even now, I have started to see some deals coming through GreenLake. As for our own interaction with the NonStop community we were pleased to come away with a number of leads that we are now addressing.”  

When it comes to presentations there were two items that anchored our participation this year at NonStop TBC 21 – our support for Quest’s QoreStor™ and the introduction of our latest product, NOVA. These products will be made available through our partnership with HPE and we were pleased to see ETI-NET being included in updates by HPE senior management as they featured new and increased partnerships in the opening keynote presentation of the event.

For some time now we have been sharing updates on our support for QoreStor™ product offering. This topic has been covered in company and product promotions, some of which have appeared in this publication. Our support out of BackBox (BB) and virtual BackBox (vBB) of QoreStor™ has been in response to NonStop users looking for data deduplication and to leverage cloud services that in turn deliver a reduced cost solution for data backup. As we like to say to our NonStop customers and prospects alike, think of QoreStor™ as a software-defined platform for secure cloud storage, encryption, deduplication and replication.

As for our introduction of NOVA for HPE NonStop, “this has been something we know that the NonStop user community has wanted to see become available for some time,” said Tétreault. At its core NOVA is an intelligent workload management solution for HPE NonStop systems and as such, has been implemented in a way where NOVA configures and controls Guardian and OSS processes. Again, another requirement we heard from many of our NonStop users.


NOVA for HPE NonStop is a workload automation manager specifically designed for HPE NonStop servers making the best use of the fault tolerance and scalability features. It delivers enterprise-class functionality for the demanding workload requirements of mission-critical systems by combining high-performance and parallel processing with enhanced operational control across your HPE NonStop nodes from a single interface.

The above can be found in the latest datasheet jointly produced by HPE and ETI-NET. Among its key benefits NonStop users can expect to find are:

NOVA provides sophisticated and integrated job definitions. Not needing to write scripts external from the database job definition is a major benefit when managing a batch environment.

NOVA has deep support for OSS processes. Specific support is included in the user interface and scheduler equally to that provided for Guardian processes.

NOVA manages the job dependency logic centrally in the scheduler. There is no requirement to write specific job release logic. Job dependencies are automatically adjusted depending on the job set to be run.

Whether you are running L-Series or J-Series OS and you happen to also be a TS/MP (Pathway) site where the COBOL85 RunTime Library is present then you have all the prereqs in place to run NOVA today. NOVA can be used for anything, from scheduling a regular file transfer through automating a site swap to controlling a complex multi-node overnight schedule. “We anticipate interest in NOVA among the NonStop user community will be strong and we look forward to addressing any questions that they may have,” said Tétreault. Just give us a call or send us an email and we will be only too pleased to talk to you.

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