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IR Introduces New Solution Brands for Transact and Infrastructure



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IR Nov 20 - 1

Hearing about the 50th edition of NonStop Insider reminds us here at IR that we have been in almost every one of those issues. Our first appearance came in December 2016, following close behind the annual NonStop Technical Boot Camp held in Burlingame, California. At this event, we happened to be close to where NonStop developers were showcasing the latest NonStop system – a breakthrough for the team as it was running virtually, on hardware that wasn’t part of the NonStop X product family.

In that article of December 2016 we wrote:

Following 2015 NonStop Technical Boot Camp, we heard all about the transformation to a hybrid infrastructure even as we saw the results of early adoption of the new NonStop X systems. We also heard for the first time about virtual NonStop (vNonStop) and of plans to leverage vNonStop within HPE by its own IT group. We took notice as HPE executives explained how NonStop was becoming the best software platform on the planet.

For 2016 NonStop Technical Boot Camp we set up (next) to where NonStop development was demonstrating vNonStop running on a couple of standard ProLiant servers that were connected in a manner to support RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) – a technology that was only recently promoted as a  new direction for NonStop fabric interconnect.

And looking at the 2020 agenda, we are excited to learn more about NonStop running on hybrid infrastructure, including Virtual NonStop and now potentially, NonStop on Core and Edge! This advancement coming from HPE nicely aligns with the evolution of IR solutions (formerly referred to as Prognosis), as we look to provide value to our customers in this hybrid world. As one of the longest participating NonStop partners, with decades of experience managing and monitoring NonStop platforms and the solutions that they support, it is empowering for the IR team to see continued enthusiasm for NonStop. Who can forget when IR took the wraps off Prognosis running on color terminals at the 1992 spring ITUG event in Nice, France?

For IR, the big news of this past month was our own virtual IR Connect event, where we introduced our new solution brands for Transact and Infrastructure. We were really pleased to see many Prognosis users registered and tuned in to participate in the event. For many, it was perhaps their first opportunity to hear directly from IR Executive Leadership or gain access to in-depth technical training from product experts around the globe. It was also a great networking event for users to learn how different market verticals are leveraging IR solutions to optimize their payments and infrastructure systems.

ir nov 20 - 2

IR CEO, John Ruthven, provided an introduction to how the company has adapted to the changed world with a team that is fitter, faster and stronger by “connecting people and technology; redesign, reconfigure, rebrand and relaunch of Prognosis to better connect people and technology.” When it comes to technology, “simply having technology is not enough; it has to work!” At a time when HPE CEO Antonio Neri talks about the beginning of the age of insight, for IR it takes more than just insight to truly differentiate business. IR provides clarity and tools to easily harness actionable intelligence to optimize mission-critical systems in today’s data-driven world.

ir nov 20 - 3

Kevin Ryder, IR Chief Marketing and Product Officer, further talked about the future of IR solutions that simplify complexity and provide “insight to capture new opportunities.” Ryder introduced attendees to an expansion of the Prognosis Platform, beyond Prognosis Server, to now include Prognosis Cloud and Prognosis Edge. This hybrid platform utilizes readily available web services provided by cloud vendors to supply agents out at the edge. “Prognosis Server will be able to consume services from the Prognosis Cloud, with more services to be built-out over time.” said IR CTO, Michael Tomkins. As for Prognosis Edge, “it is a lightweight agent collecting data, but with some intelligence, that Prognosis Server will get as it communicates with Prognosis Edge.”

When it comes to looking ahead at the future potential of the Prognosis Platform:

 “What we really want to evolve to (is that) in the Cloud we want to have these trained ML models / AI services that can be consumed by Prognosis Server. And start to provide that insight to wherever it needs to be consumed. So, if we have a model that lets you predict an outage ahead of time, that needs certain data points to be fed in (in order to make that calculation), then that data could make its way up; could be evaluated; and then the prediction insight (call it what you will) could be consumed on-prem and on a result of notification, alert or whatever it might be, triggered to let you know that something is going to happen by using agents. As part of this story, we could either actively remediate the issue or give you the option to remediating it without sort of having to get too involved. If we have the predictive insights available and the prescriptive analysis at hand, we should be able to then just translate that into something that could be executed out at the edge to solve the problem for you.”

As for the upcoming virtual NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC), now being promoted as the All-Digital Experience, the IR team will be presenting Tuesday, November 17th at 11:45 am PST. Be sure to mark your calendars for this session presented by industry experts – Jim Bowers, IR Payments & Infrastructure Solution Engineer, and Jack van Meel, IR Customer Success Manager.

Real-time, Proactive Insight Across NonStop, Application and Payment Ecosystems with IR Prognosis

With new paradigms emerging in the industry, financial institutions are closely re-examining their business strategies and future-proofing their mission-critical systems to ensure performance, productivity and business results.

Join industry experts and your peers to learn how IR can help you manage, monitor and optimize your complex NonStop, application and heterogeneous payments environments to keep pace with the rapid rate of acceleration.

For more information about this upcoming presentation at this year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp (the All-Digital Experience) simply follow this link –

And we encourage you to RSVP via (the Whova) App to ensure your participation as there will be limited seating.

 To find out more about the exciting reveal of the Transact and Infrastructure solution brands or the evolution of the Prognosis Platform, make sure you register for the upcoming NonStop All-Digital Experience. As always, if you have any questions or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your IR sales team. We look forward to addressing any topic that may be of interest to you and your enterprise.

Again, congratulations on publishing the 50th issue of NonStop Insider!
Kevin Johnson,
VP Sales – Payments Performance Monitoring