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Knightcraft Technology is pleased to announce its partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Knightcraft Technology



With specialized skills in security, auditing, PCI DSS compliance and implementation of comForte and XYGATE® software as well as a strong background in HPE NonStop (Tandem) system management, Knightcraft can help your organization meet its security and compliance objectives for HPE NonStop servers wherever you are located. We have already done so for many companies around the world and will continue to do so as and when NonStop customers require our services.

Knightcraft services can be obtained directly from Knightcraft or can be procured through either of our partners, HPE or comForte. But today, we have an exciting announcement to pass on to the NonStop community. Knightcraft Technology is pleased to announce its partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to offer a range of services to help not only comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), but also to make sure that your NonStop systems are secured in an optimal fashion. Our services ensure that your security is in line with both industry best practices as well as your corporate security policies and practices.

Services can be procured directly from your HPE account team and include the following:

Information on the offering from HPE can be found here

System security is a never-ending story. Organizations must regularly review that what they have in place still satisfies their corporate and regulatory needs. From configuration to security reviews to PCI DSS, the HPE NonStop security and PCI DSS compliance suite of services from Knightcraft will help you get your HPE NonStop security right.

Knightcraft security and compliance services are also available in partnership with comForte.

For further information see the Knightcraft Technology website at