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NonStop Drives Innovation Using New Standardized Software Tools

By Keith “The NonStop Talker” Moore



HPE Sep 21 6

Sometimes it’s the little things that add-up to bigger things in the long run. When we see a hint of water where it doesn’t belong, it usually means that there is something wrong somewhere else. But when we see an old, abandoned field being cleared, we wonder if something is about to happen there; like a new park or a building is about to rise-up. If we then, later, see a few trenches and some infrastructure for streets, we assume that eventually, there will be a new subdivision or an industrial complex with connecting streets and functioning utility infrastructure.  Simple starts eventually lead to greater things in the long run.  So it is with the latest work coming out of the HPE NonStop product division.

The latest release of the HPE NonStop operating system quietly uncovers those early trenches and infrastructure changes that eventually lead to a larger system of roads and bridges, toward enabling a broader horizon for NonStop users.  Over the past several releases of the NonStop operating system, there have been quite a few new solutions that have crept into the NonStop portfolio, unnoticed by most users. Each of these new tools or features alone do not expose much beyond their individual value to developers and system architects. However, if you watch closely, it’s as if there are those construction and utility infrastructure workers building features into the operating system. These new and future features provide access to a new NonStop operating system infrastructure ripe for new NonStop users and for new use cases for existing NonStop users.

Check out the latest features in L21.06. The list is quite long, and the features are setting up for a great new NonStop system “infrastructure”.

2022 should see this new infrastructure grow even more. Like the roads going in on a new subdivision, you can see that eventually, there will be all-new structures that support new users. And, also like a new subdivision, once you see the roads going in, it doesn’t take too long before the houses go up.