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NonStop systems were the focus of many events this year – did you see us and did you visit with our OmniPayments team?




omni june 19 -1

Just back from the big European ETBC event held in Scotland. This is the annual event that is now alternating between Germany and the UK, with outstanding local support coming from the NonStop volunteers and this year, we tip our hats to the excellent work done by the BITUG committee in creating another conference that pulled together not only great content from the HPE NonStop team but from the users, consultants and vendors that all helped attract more than 230 attendees.

For this year’s ETBC, OmniPayments was a Platinum Sponsor and as such was given the opportunity to deliver one of just a few plenary sessions that this time featured an update on the Migration and Modernization Services OmniPayments provided to JCPenney that resulted not only in JCPenney migrating to a modern solution but led to the continuation of NonStop at this major American retailer – NonStop X systems will be the new home for the JCPenney’s payments system. Craig Lawrance of OmniPayments gave the presentation and if you happened to have missed it we are sure you will be able to download it from the ETBC / BITUG web site – more details from the BITUG committee will follow shortly.

According to Lawrance, “JCPenney selected OmniPayments for their new Switch after ruling out many other options. This gave JCPenney a modern platform to grow its payments ecosystem and adopt new transaction types to meet the demands of a clicks and bricks economy. The full payments switch migration was done in just fourteen months.” It is also another testament to the in-house skillsets of OmniPayments, such that complex migration performed within an abbreviated timeframe at a major retailer who was extremely risk-averse (it would have been so easy to stick with the incumbent’s product), was executed and completed to where JCPenney is only too happy to provide testimonials.

There was much that was on the line with this migration – a clock that was winding down; a desire for greater flexibility to better respond to competitors and above all there was a need for greater insights into all that was happening within the application and on the NonStop system. Listening to Lawrance giving the OmniPayments presentation, of course there were references made to the lower overall cost, including support and maintenance, of  OmniPayments  along with the recognized flexibility of the OmniPayments solution to better support the changing retail environment JCPenney faces today, and perhaps most important of all? The real-time metrics and data provided by an OmniPayments monitoring team who it was pointed out in subsequent conversations, demonstrated considerably more responsiveness to JCPenney than previously experienced working with ACI Worldwide!

More recently, HPE NonStop announced the HPE Migration and Modernization Services where a select number of NonStop partners were chosen to meet customer needs in markets all over the world. One of the first partners chosen was OmniPayments and even as there have been a couple more partners added to the list of late, this initial inclusion speaks volumes about the confidence the HPE NonStop team has in the capabilities of OmniPayments to successfully deliver services whenever customers request them from HPE. Already a VAR of NonStop systems in select countries, OmniPayments anticipates seeing its business relationship with HPE only become stronger in time as OmniPayments continues to make a major contribution when it comes to adding “new logos” to the NonStop community.

This month will see OmniPayments participating in other major regional events in the western hemisphere. While LATUG in Colombia has come and gone and yes, proved to be another great event for the NonStop community, at the time of writing this update we will be heading to Chile for the June 3 – 4 gathering of the local community. Expect to read more about this in the next update provided to the July issue of NonStop Insider. However, participating in traditional NonStop user events isn’t the sole outreach vehicle for OmniPayments.

omni june 19 -2

Should you have visited HPE at the Payment 2019 NACHA conference – NACHA leads groups focused on API standardization, authors the Quest Operating Rules for EBT, and is the steward of the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, to learn more about OmniPayments and same day ACH – you would have been pleased to see our references to HPE NonStop, running OmniPayments! Our support of such events – focused solely on NonStop or simply the broader HPE – will continue throughout the year as we have many more events where we will be participating. Look for us as we will welcome any and all inquiries and of course, we welcome you any time you care to drop by as we appreciate all the support you have provided us through the years.

Yash Kapadia | CEO | tel +1 408 446 9274