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NTI – a strategy for DRNet® that is centered on data and you will be hearing even more at RUG events in 2019!



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The majority of NonStop users are getting most of their information about NonStop from user events. Regional User Groups (RUGs), a mainstay of information sharing across the NonStop community, continue to thrive and for as long as anyone in the NTI offices can recall, NTI has been supporting RUGs and sharing information about DRNet®. However, all through that time information has flowed in both directions, as NTI has used the topics raised and questions asked to fuel further development of DRNet®. All it takes is for one NonStop user to broach some promising idea and NTI will take it under consideration.

Of late, NTI has been working to shift the needle slightly and to have its product development’s focus centered on data. When it comes to data replication, DRNet® has excelled in meeting customer needs for many decades, but now, as we view the marketplace as being data driven, we have been conveying an updated message that builds on data replication to include data integration as well as data transformation. But what does this really mean?  

Last month we wrote of how NTI more than simply took the wraps off new features for DRNet® at the recent NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC), including coverage of our new product, DRNet® /Vision (DRNet® for Splunk), and our DRNet® for RDF Replacement program; NTI made a major move to more fully embrace the world of virtualized NonStop (vNS) having made the decision to purchase vNS from HPE. This is a big move on the part of NTI, but not without considerable thought going into such a move – the world is changing and the traditional data center is becoming a lot more distributed and as such, all forms of data manipulation be it replication, integration, or transformation will likely be delivered as a service over time.

The talk centered on public and private clouds is definitely capturing the attention of senior executives, including CIOs. And for good reason – greater flexibility with resources essentially available on demand and access to a wealth of applications that might never be available otherwise. For instance, our introduction of DRNet® /Vision as a response to the enormous popularity of Splunk is just one example of leveraging technology resulting in NonStop applications being of value to the rest of the enterprise. But there is a lot more than just the attention being given to clouds both public and private – it’s about running applications as and when needed as services externalized via APIs.

“We have announced to the NonStop community at what is the biggest RUG event of the year, TBC, that we have fully embraced the world of virtualized NonStop (vNS) and have made the decision to purchase multiple licenses of vNS from HPE”, said Tim Dunne, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, NTI. “This is where RUGs continue to be of vital importance to NTI; we are actively soliciting feedback from the NonStop community about its likely use of NTI’s NSaaS offering.” We are certain our announcements of just a few short weeks ago will stimulate considerable discussion within the NonStop community and as we expand the dialogue to include everyone in the NonStop community, leveraging RUG meetings simply makes a whole lot of sense. We may in fact be the very first NonStop vendor to purchase vNS on the scale that we are doing but it’s “very important for the NonStop community to know that we are looking to partner in a way that helps NonStop users and ultimately HPE itself more fully capitalize on all that we view as being beneficial with vNS.”

The first major RUG event on our calendar is the March 1 – 2, 2019, SunTUG event in Tampa, Florida. Expect to hear a lot more about our plans for vNS even as we continue to solicit your feedback. We are certain many NonStop users have progressed beyond simply wanting to give vNS a look to where running real applications on vNS makes sound business sense. If you are headed to Tampa look for us and make sure you come and talk with us to discuss your plans even as we will share more details about our own strategy that today is all centered on data – yes, we are truly entering an era where it is all data driven!


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