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NTI: All prepped and ready to go at virtual NonStop Technical BootCamp (The NonStop All Digital Experience)



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When emails first began appearing that reminded us of the submission window for articles to be included in this latest issue of NonStop Insider, it came as a surprise that this particular issue was celebrating the 50th issue of publication. It was also a reminder that the annual major NonStop event of the year, the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) was only a matter of days away. It comes as no surprise either to see that like many other major events in 2020, TBC will be an “All-Digital Experience (ADE)” this year.

What does that mean? What should we expect? If you have already been able to look at the agenda as it continues to be updated but can be viewed on the NonStopTBC web site, the breadth of presentations this year represents a sizable step-up in terms of both numbers of tracks (fully populated) as well as quality of content. NTI is a Platinum Sponsor this year and as such, we really do look forward to catching up with as many of you as we can – virtually, as it turns out to be. Like many who will be participating in this event, we will be very interested to see how the social events planned for ADE turn out, as networking opportunities have always been a strength of TBC.

Coming to terms with the fact that this issue of NonStop Insider was the 50th had us looking back through the NonStop Insider editions that have been archived and remain accessible. Turns out that our first article was published in the December 2017 issue and it focused on the arrival of new management at NTI:

“Network Technologies International, Inc. (“NTI”) is pleased to announce and welcome Tim Dunne as our Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales.  Tim will be responsible for the leadership of the NTI sales team, developing new business opportunities and strengthening customer and prospect relationships in the NonStop community.

“Tim has over 32 years of experience in the NonStop space, specifically the mission-critical sales of Payments and Infrastructure software solutions into key accounts for Integrated Research, the former GoldenGate, and ACI Worldwide.”

When asked about the highlights at NTI since 2017, Dunne was quick to respond. “There is a positive attitude today among the NTI clients and a real sense of NTI meeting their business needs,” said Dunne. “With NTI and the DRNet ® solution suite, there is so much value we can provide to many NonStop customers. I continue to be surprised by just how well we have advanced DRNet ®, taking it into areas that were only just bullet points on our DRNet ® product roadmaps back in 2017, such as virtualization and business intelligence.”

With his sales experience dating back to when NonStop customers first began looking to the NonStop partner solutions for network and communications, management and monitoring product offerings and better ways to ensure business continuity, it’s great to see just how much faith the NonStop team has in their partner community. And now at NTI, Dunne is really pleased with the responsiveness of the NTI development and customer support groups such that new requirements are addressed in a timely manner.

“Even as they have some of the bases covered,” said Dunne, “the NonStop team knows that there is more to offer NonStop customers and prospects by bringing into deals those NonStop vendors with core competencies that go beyond just the basics. With NTI, and the work we have done in the past year in support of our strategy headlined by PROVisioning: Excellence in Data, the NonStop community can leverage our competency in Change Data Capture (CDC) and replication to ensure the requirements for their data are fully realized.”

The DRNet ® of today has come a long way since 2017. With DRNet/Open ® and DRNet/Vision® either fully deployed or doing well in Proof of Concepts (PoCs), NTI has leveraged its competency in replication to ensure data created on NonStop can be replicated to D/R sites, target open platforms where Oracle, MySQL, SQL-Server and more have been deployed or even target Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions running within the cloud including Splunk>, Kafka, Elastic, and more.

“Whether a project is looking to integrate data, distribute data, or transform data, capitalizing on our replication strength means that we can do it all,” said Dunne. And with the early success we are seeing following the introduction of TANDsoft FileSync (FS) Compare and Repair, “the competitive landscape has just seen the playing field substantially levelled as we can bring a more modern implementation to the NonStop customer base thanks to the development work completed by Jack Di Giacomo and his team at TANDsoft.”

For this upcoming virtual TBC we have turned to Richard Buckle of Pyalla Technologies, LLC to give the presentation on NTI. Make sure you pencil in the data and time on your calendar as it will provide an update on much of what Dunne has addressed above. The information about the presentation – and yes, the date and time is Monday at 7:30 PST:

nti nov 20

And remember too, even as the clock winds down to the start of this year’s virtual TBC, should our NTI vision and strategy and the solutions NTI now offers be of interest to you and you would really like to know more right now, then simply call the number below or email us at any time at
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