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NTI Dec 2020 -1

From the email exchanges that have followed in the weeks after the virtual NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) wrapped-up for 2020 this NonStop All-Digital Experience, as the event became known as, went well for the NonStop community. Never before had we ever seen emails circulating that informed us that this year’s event had sold out – being a virtual event this had us stumped for a moment, but it turns out that with virtual events the technology has limits!

NTI was fortunate enough to lead off with its presentation just before lunchtime, Monday, immediately following the keynote session and updates from product management. This new NTI presentation, From replication to distribution, integration and transformation, NTI is putting data first, was given by Pyalla Technologies cofounder and CEO, Richard Buckle. As attendance climbed past the 140 mark – even more when you factored in attendance in other regions – it represented a considerable gain over previous years and this was a welcomed outcome for NTI given this transition to a virtual event.

“This year’s NonStop TBC created extraordinary opportunity to expose the value of NonStop and supportive solutions from its partner ecosystem to global technology leaders who perhaps would never have a chance to attend in person,” said Tim Dunne, our Global Director of Worldwide Sales. As we look to 2021 and the event planned for Denver in October, 2021, it would be highly beneficial even as it seems more than likely to transpire to have a mix of traditional with virtual audiences as cutting back the need to travel certainly has its upside for today’s busy technology leaders.

If you missed this presentation you can view it online as it along with all the presentations from the event available On-Demand at There are a lot of presentations that have been made available and you will need to scroll through to page five before you see access to this presentation on NTI – but you will find it as it was presented, unedited and every bit as informative as if you had attended in person.

NTI Dec 2020 -2

Perhaps the most important message of the NTI presentation could be found in a slide midway through the presentation: With DRNet® one model, one technology, one product
providing single source solution, directly supported!
This has been the subject of a number of inquiries to the sales team at NTI – when deploying DRNet® are there any dependencies on additional products either from HPE or an HPE partner? Whether a NonStop customer is simply looking to replace a legacy solution for business continuity or is looking to integrate with other platforms or even distribute data to the edge, DRNet® provides an all-in-one solution. Furthermore, it’s an implementation that can coexist with older products including RDF, GoldenGate and Shadowbase – there are no prereqs, coreqs or any other products that hinder the immediate deployment of DRNet®.

NTI is taking the DRNet® product suite deeper into the NonStop community in the sense of DRNet® capabilities of doing it all and this has been possible due to the inherent ingestion of data on NonStop systems via dependency and capitalization on tried-and-trusted Change Data Capture (CDC) models. In so doing, all other products simply do not get in the way of DRNet® bringing value to your business and this was the theme of the presentation this year. Yes, do it all with one product, but just as importantly for the NonStop customers, they can do it their way, unhindered.

We understand that NonStop customers have many options to choose from when it comes to replication. The thriving partner ecosystem in this market segment is a crucial element that has led the HPE NonStop team to further success with some of the biggest enterprises on the planet. NTI will always respect the right of NonStop customers to choose technology to meet their strategic direction and we will never portray a ‘sales strategy’ as better than a ‘customer-developed’ strategy,” said Dunne. “NTI products adapt to Customer strategy, not the other way around.”

Now that the event is over and the opportunity to view the presentations on demand is being actively promoted by the Connect organization, we have had time to look at the impact it had on NTI. “Interest in DRNet® as a replication / integration solution was amplified considerably given the broad reach of vTBC and as evidenced by the huge turnout in our product presentation,” said Dunne. “What NTI derived from vTBC is that there is an audience that is thirsty for as much information as a solutions provider can make available and that additional vTBC sessions and electronic correspondence featuring DRNet® before, and during  any combination of traditional with virtual TBC is a sensible direction for next year.”

With updated NonStop X systems, a move to provide a NonStop SQL that lives in the cloud and the likely potential of NonStop becoming part of a GreenLake offering, there will be many members of the NonStop community looking at their plans for NonStop in 2021. With the vision we are pursuing, NTI can ensure that the data on NonStop makes it to wherever it is most wanted and that with the presence of NonStop data on any platform, business insights can be uncovered that ensure the ever-changing requirements of the business  are addressed in a timely manner.

Should our NTI vision and the integrated DRNet® product suite now being offered be of interest to you and you would like to know more right now, then simply call the number below or email us at any time at
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