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OmniPayments – for risk-averse Financial Institutions, NonStop with OmniPayments crosses the line first, yet again!




Omni Feb 19 -

Finishing what you start out to do is an important consideration for any company’s CEO. When it comes to fitness and running half-marathon, OmniPayments CEO Yash made sure he crossed the finish line. This photo has already appeared in a number of social media channels but it’s worth including in this article as it reinforces the personal commitment Yash makes every time he pursues any endeavor – personal or business. 2019 is already off to a start and there is a lot of work to be done, not the least being the exploitation of all that HPE is providing with the new NonStop – a system following traditional system packaging, together with the option to run virtualized and with this option, it opens the door to running inside private clouds. For the OmniPayments team, addressing all of these options isn’t a surprise as OmniPayments continues to find new NonStop customers almost everywhere it looks!

There has been much written about OmniPayments this year. In the post of February 4, 2019, to the OmniPayments blog, Flexibility; Coexistence; Innovation – with OmniPayments you have it all! The main theme focused on “keeping your options open.” It touched on how best to navigate change and to do so while minimizing any exposure to potential risks that might arise pursuing change. Furthermore, it described how flexibility is all about avoiding lock-out and staying open. Coexistence is a reflection on the necessity to be able to interact with processes and data already in place and yes, innovation is what FI’s leaders are being told they simply have to do to survive in the ever-changing competitive landscape that is banking today.

As noted in this post, whereas in the past it was the goal of hardware and software vendors to lock in their customers with proprietary solutions  so they were never considered open nor did these vendors espouse standards – the potential to hand-over an account to a competitor was too risky to contemplate. Yet, after years of creating architecture, technology and indeed product lock-in, the greater need for interoperability drove FIs to demand the flexibility that we have today. As it now turns out to be, this is a great way to highlight the recent big win for OmniPayments as it displaced ACI’s BASE24 at JCPenney. To read more of this post, just follow this link –
In this post reference is made to the cover article just published in the January-February, 2019, issue of The Connection, JCPenney modernizes and saves with OmniPayments and HPE NonStop. OmniPayments NonStop Technology Consultant, Peter Schvarcz, gets into the details of just how JCPenney went about evaluating a replacement payments solution for its enterprise and how OmniPayments prevailed even when at times JCPenney viewed OmniPayments as not big enough to support them – JCPenney was very risk averse even as the JCPenney’s technical team kept pushing the management team to evaluate OmniPayments and its solution.

Being based on modern SOA technology is only one major aspect of the OmniPayments product that JCPenney particularly liked, but probably more surprising to read is how pleased JCPenney was with the OmniPayments dashboards. As Peter notes in his article, “With the previous solution, it was not possible to know if there was an issue with processing certain types of transactions or what if anything might be impacting the ability to process transactions, whether caused by performance or some failure. If some issue arose, JCPenney had to wait until the next day to analyze data, essentially having a 24-hour delay in determining if anything was wrong. Furthermore, it was often necessary for the business to contact the IT support team to ask them to investigate if any infrastructure issues, such as network related failures, or the like had been encountered that could have caused issues with transaction processing. With OmniPayments, the dashboard provides real-time information on the business transactions as well as the performance and general health of the system from an infrastructure perspective.”

Ultimately, it was left to Austin Tapscott, Senior Manager 3rd Party Card Operations, who perhaps summed up the true value proposition from migrating to OmniPayments when he reported how, “OmniPayments could coexist with our existing applications and this allowed us to reuse our investments while transitioning to a new, modern architecture.” Again, the importance of coexisting and capitalizing on the flexibility of OmniPayments! To read more of this article, just follow this link that will take you to the front page of The Connection and check the sidebar for a link that takes you directly to the cover article –

Very soon, OmniPayments CEO Yash will have a lot more to celebrate than crossing the finishing line. It was 24 years ago that Yash had the idea of creating solutions for NonStop capitalizing on the open-source movement. Given that this was happening at a time when NonStop was introducing the OSS personality whereby it supported POSIX APIs, turning to open source and taking a new approach to payments seemed the right thing to do for a company just starting out. What started as a small idea has grown into a company with clients in the banking and retail industries and a family of many employees in countries that include India, Europe, the United States and Latin America, Europe and India. As Yash looks to celebrate his 24th year in business later this month we can only speculate as to what the next 24 years will bring, but finishing more marathons aside, coexistence, flexibility and innovation will continue to dominate the company, its culture, philosophy and yes, its product roadmaps – Happy Birthday, OmniPayments and congratulations, Yash!