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pyalla oct 2020 -1

If we were excited to bring you the 48th issue of NonStop Insider last month and in so doing, wrapping up our fourth year of publication, with this issue we enter our fifth year. The digital publication NonStop Insider continues to focus on NonStop with even more emphasis on digital transformation including references to hybrid configurations where the Linux OS is present. Deployed on x86, whether real or virtual, the resultant platform represents an ideal partner for NonStop, particularly when you consider the move to integrate the transactional world as present today on NonStop with analytics running on Linux.

There is every reason to believe that the worlds of NonStop and Linux are beginning to intersect. Whether you consider the presence of both NonStop and Linux as system “peers” or simply as adjacent systems sharing hardware to create a hybrid platform, the outcome is the same. You have options; you can run the transactions on NonStop and have the data warehouse / data lake and analytics on Linux or you can have NS SQL/MX on NonStop and run applications on Linux. Either way, there are benefits from considering both options. When you introduce private clouds into the mix then there is a strong likelihood that Linux is running inside the cloud making the hybrid NonStop / Cloud a practical (and indeed technologically palatable) solution when it comes to addressing many of today’s business requirements.

 pyalla oct 2020 -2

Jeff Kyle, VP HPE Mission Critical Solutions – 2020 NonStop Technical Boot Camp


This is not to say that pursuing this option isn’t without its difficulties. It’s messy and it’s complex and there really isn’t anyway to hide the need to add a couple of layers before operationally, it delivers the value to business that was first depicted on a whiteboard sketch! Or bar-top coasters and restaurant napkins! On the other hand there are numerous NonStop vendors who now can serve this hybrid NonStop and Linux world. Striim comes to mind, of course as does IR. Recent conversations email exchanges and insights provided in news releases and blogs from both of these vendors helps bring clarity to why hybrid NonStop and Linux combinations are being given greater consideration:

IR –

“The power (of Payments Analytics) lies in the next-generation Prognosis cloud platform, providing the capability to process and analyze data from thousands of transactions in seconds.

“Payments Analytics is a monumental step forward in our data-driven intelligence strategy. It will allow our customers to benchmark performance against their industry, identify patterns and leverage data in new and meaningful ways across their organization,” said Kevin Ryder, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, IR.”

Striim –

“Cloud adoption and streaming integration are not limited to the lifting and shifting of your systems to the cloud. Ongoing integration post-migration is a crucial part of planning your cloud adoption.

“‘It is all about liberating your data.’ Steve (Wilkes, Striim CTO and Cofounder) added in this part of the presentation.

“Making it useful for the purpose you need it for. Continuous delivery in the correct format from a variety of sources relies on being able to filter that data, transform it, and possibly aggregate, join and enrich before you deliver to where needed. All of these can be done in Striim with a SQL-based language.”

It was also recognized by NTI management as well when they wrote of hybrid IT in the context of replicating data:

“NTI elected to complement its NonStop product offering with support for Open Platforms and this includes Linux … as HPE promotes (and financial analysts confirm), it is a hybrid IT world.

“‘DRNet/OPEN extends the DRNet we may be familiar with on NonStop systems by collecting database updates from NonStop Servers and then, using NTI’s powerful messaging middleware, replicates data to other hardware platforms, including Linux,’ said Tim Dunne, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, NTI.”

Last month I wrote of how being off the road had let me spend more time online. This has continued through the month but as you read this column, I will have returned to the road. This time, it’s a short trip to Southern California where I am planning on catching up with vendors. Messy and complex will likely be the theme of this road trip as the fires of California and indeed Colorado continue to play havoc with routes. Hybrid IT is complex but it is not devoid of solutions even as NonStop and Linux hybrid configurations gain momentum. There will be times where it looks like there’s nothing but havoc within the data center and yet, the upside is hard to ignore. In times when it’s all about embracing the age of insight, fresh data created on NonStop just has to find its way off NonStop and hybrid IT as described here represents a good place to start.

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More normal? What will follow remains to be seen!

Seen fire, seen rain; seen sunny days I thought would never end!


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