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Striim: All aboard the data train – it’s leaving from a station near you!




striim sep 21- 1

We know about Change Data Capture. We also know about data streams. But wait, there’s more! As we posted recently there is now the concept of data mesh as well and its importance shouldn’t be lost on NonStop users. And why? Simply put there is value in de-siloing data created on NonStop. The NonStop community is fully aware by now of how Striim provides a valuable service when it comes to moving data into and out of NonStop, but the world of IT is anything but hierarchical. Systems are being networked unlike at any time in IT’s history.

This pursuit of information networks is being driven by the need to pull in services from external providers even as the shape of IT deployments is undergoing radical transformation as the move to an edge to cloud model takes hold. Unlike in previous iterations, this model may not always center on just one cloud nor will it be just a couple of remote facilities operating out at a perceived edge but rather, one business operator’s edge may be a peer manager’s cloud.

Looked at another way, there is increasing evidence that with edge to cloud we will witness the arrival of micro cloud deployments. That remote operating unit may tap the services of an external cloud provider that in turn supports the enterprise cloud, or clouds. The concept therefore of a mesh delivering data to wherever it is needed isn’t a stretch of the imagination at all. Even as enterprises wrestle with interconnecting mission critical operational systems with data analytical processes, the once great divide is beginning to crumble in the face of data mesh models. In fact, it may have already arrived at your enterprise and there is a need for NonStop users to be aware of the importance of tapping into that mesh.

striim sep 21 -2

Future maps of our IT implementations will not only begin looking like the layout of your favorite metro system but one with an enviable twist. This metro system will be fast and actionable insights will appear in real time.  In a post of June 28, 2020 to the web site, Towards Data Science, author Barr Moses wrote, What is a Data Mesh — and How Not to Mesh it Up. Echoing the message of our previous article, Moses provides us with the following explanation together with an insight as to where this holds value:

“A data mesh is a type of data platform architecture that embraces the ubiquity of data in the enterprise by leveraging a domain-oriented, self-serve design.

“Unlike traditional monolithic data infrastructures that handle the consumption, storage, transformation, and output of data in one central data lake, a data mesh supports distributed, domain-specific data consumers and views ‘data-as-a-product,’ with each domain handling their own data pipelines. 

“Data meshes federate data ownership among domain data owners who are held accountable for providing their data as products, while also facilitating communication between distributed data across different locations.”

It is not surprising then to think of the connections between systems, clouds and the edge as being stations on a metro system. At any station you can transit to a different line and on any line, you can stop at any station. It is also a reminder of how we viewed data in the past particularly in terms of database deployments. There were hierarchical or tree, network and then relational models. Today, it is Striim that is providing the passage out of stations and across lines – no need to jump the tracks in order to access the data you truly need. Striim delivers across the data mesh; data integration can occur wherever and whenever it is required and the data created on NonStop no longer remains silo-ed.

This year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) will return to being a virtual event. As a Gold Sponsor, Striim will be joining with HPE to provide an update on just how well the NonStop community can be served by an industry leading real-time data integration platform. Capable of fully supporting the data mesh models now emerging, it’s also important to note that as with the introduction of any new model, Striim ensures a modest baby-step approach can be taken and it is with this TBC presentation that those first all-important baby-steps can be realized. Make sure you add this presentation to your own agenda as we look forward to sharing the virtual stage with HPE NonStop product manager, Roland Lemoine –

TBC21-404 – Streaming Data Integration for NonStop Servers with Striim

Tuesday, October 5th 1:00 pm-1:30 pm

The Striim platform ingests real-time, streaming data from HPE NonStop servers and a variety of on-premises and cloud-based data sources; including other major databases, files, message queues, and devices.

When capturing real-time data from HPE NonStop systems, Striim offers a non-intrusive change data capture (CDC) feature for efficient and real-time data integration.

In this session, we will do a live demo showing how Striim is used to migrate enterprise databases to and from HPE NonStop servers continuously in real-time.


Roland Lemoine (Speaker) Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NonStop Product Manager

Edward Bell (Speaker) Striim, Solutions Architect

We look forward to your participation in our presentation and if you have any questions about the Striim’s ability to provide your enterprise with an entry into data mesh models, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, the Striim team.  We would be only too happy to hear from you, anytime and all the time.

Ferhat Hatay, Ph.D.
Sr. Director of Partnerships and Alliances, Striim, Inc.