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Payments Testing: 4 Considerations for These Challenging Times

By Steve Gilde, Director of Market Engagement



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On March 11, 2020, “The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, acknowledging what has seemed clear for some time – the virus will likely spread to all countries on the globe. Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the situation will worsen.”

On July 13, 2020, an update came from W Director-General Ghebreyesus that “there will be no return to the ‘old normal’ for the foreseeable future. There is every indication that stringent measures will remain in force for some time and any thoughts of an imminent abatement of this global pandemic are fast fading from our consciousness”. Even more telling were his subsequent observation at his news briefing of August 3, 2020 – “no silver bullet at the moment – and there might never be.”

So while we are all hopeful that an end to the crises will come soon, a safe and effective vaccine will be made available, businesses and economies will recover, and lost jobs will come back, we are still somewhere in the middle of a catastrophic event and need to plan for the worst. Looking at empty offices quickly reminds us that COVID-19 is not done with us yet.

From the observations we have been making here at Paragon, it seems clear that we have a long road ahead that will reshape the way we work and alter the way we interact with our customers and business partners. New solutions will emerge, with new transaction sources developing rapidly. Which begs the question: what has your organization done to ensure that you can continue to operate effectively?

In my latest post to the Paragon Edge blog, Payments Testing: 4 Considerations for These Times I return to the topic of payments testing to suggest that there are four considerations for these challenging times. All are influenced by the events around us – our need to support a remote work force, a shift to more productive collaboration, turn to even greater deployment of automated testing and a revisit of the tools and processes necessary to ensure full integration within the enterprise. And if you haven’t made moves to do just this as yet, why not?

Whether you are caught up in discussions concerning Agile methodologies, DevOps processes or looking at Low Code / No Code, what remains paramount is your ability to fully automate testing of the applications, products, and services that these mechanisms produce. Each of the above may place an emphasis on reducing the coding skills required, but it is a requirement of all the disciplines to ensure that whatever is developed works correctly meets the needs of the organization and provides the best user experience for consumers.

To read the complete post and to learn more about the four consideration for these challenging times, just follow the hyperlink included above or simply cut and past the following URL into your browser –

This is just my latest post to the Paragon Edge blog and to read more commentary on problems and opportunities arising from COVID-19, you can find the Paragon Edge Blog at