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pyalla apr 19

While it might not surprise everyone it is still a circumstance that is a little out of the ordinary. Yes, the management team here at Pyalla Technologies, LLC, spent a week in Germany. Air travel isn’t the norm at Pyalla and yet already this year there has been a return trip from Sydney, Australia, together with this latest return trip to Frankfurt. Of course, it’s now only a matter of a month or two before we head to Edinburgh for ETBC – will we see you there? Join us for a wee dram of scotch should the opportunity present itself!

Did you catch the Indy race in Austin, Texas, where the Indy cars took to the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) for the first time and where an 18 year old phenom won the big race in only his third outing with Indy? Well this post isn’t about that big upset win for the ages as much as it is yet another instance of there being a winning formula. Last month, I wrote about partnerships and about ecosystems and of how the results from such cooperation are proving to be a winning formula for the NonStop community. Modernizing an implementation? Migrating to L-Series?

There are now officially 8 partners the HPE NonStop has identified as participants in a focused Migration and Modernization Services program. Highlighted in recent presentations under the heading  NonStop Services Partners Engaging in this Program: Together bringing more than 200 years of NonStop Experience and 600 consultants the companies listed as participants are there to help you achieve the goals you set for NonStop within your enterprise. And according to NonStop product management, the list is not final yet as Product Management is “evaluating a few other partners for possible additions to the Migration program.”

The good news for every stakeholder in NonStop – it’s going places and there are lots of positive signs coming from the field as “new logos” are being added to the NonStop user base, but partnerships and ecosystems and services, Migration and Modernization included, are only part of the story – NonStop customers are going the extra distance to look deeper into the overall value proposition of the new NonStop and checking out potential future projects best-suited for NonStop.

The enthusiasm to move aggressively to sell the solution on NonStop to new customers is very clear. For instance OmniPayments; if you have as yet not noticed the uptick in OmniPayments’ posts to social media then you may want to revisit your favorite channel. Yes, OmniPayments is one of the HPE NonStop eight partners participating in the Migration and Modernization Services program.

We at Pyalla see the partnerships based Migration and Modernization Services program as a massive move in the right direction by HPE NonStop team and we are fully supportive of this creative move on the part of HPE to address the glaringly big topic. Where can the NonStop customers turn to for help with getting NonStop systems traditional and virtualized installed? And isn’t this what it’s all about – smoothing the pathway for deployment of the new NonStop?

Looking at the LinkedIn profiles of a company like Diebold Nixdorf it hit me that what peered back at me from the LinkedIn page were very young faces. This too was the case in Austin’s Indy race where more team racers participated than ever before – yes, it’s looking more and more like rookies are dominating. If you have missed any of the updates, take note too of our own NonStop Under 40 SIG that meets at major NonStop RUG events – and the numbers are growing. It is all about the customers and it’s all about the growing participation by a much younger generation that stands out of late.

You will find Pyalla at ETBC in Edinburgh and yes, there may be a wee dram of scotch or two partaken (amongst good friends), but most importantly of all, you will find a younger generation of NonStop enthusiasts beginning to take much of the spotlight. To put this all into context it’s great to hear of this latest services program from our NonStop team even as it’s good to hear solutions vendors are bringing new logos into the NonStop fold but it’s even greater news to read that we now have youth on our side! When did you last think that you would read about this occurring?  And with the new NonStop, we are only just beginning …

Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC