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TANDsoft 2022/2023 Highlights

Continued Customer Adoption, Record-Breaking Performance, and More



Over the course of 2022, a lot’s happened at TANDsoft, and it’s looking like 2023 is poised to be another year with some big developments. Following is a brief recap of some of the key news from the prior year, and some new updates to look for in 2023.

HPE NonStop Customers Continue to Choose TANDsoft

Over the course of 2022, HPE NonStop customers continued to choose TANDsoft products. Following are just a few highlights from the past year:

FS Compare and Repair Delivers Breakthrough Performance, Expanded Capabilities

FS Compare and Repair is one of TANDsoft’s leading solutions. The solution delivers fast, advanced capabilities for ensuring data consistency between databases. In 2022 tests, FS Compare and Repair demonstrated breakthrough speed. The solution did a comparison of 10,000,000 records in 13 seconds and of a 1 TB multi-partitioned file in 10 minutes.

Following is a quote from a partner, who was involved in testing our solutions:

“For a large European Bank with a complex environment grown over decades, we tested FileSync and FS Compare and Repair from TANDsoft. Both solutions have been easy to install and configure. The key differentiator to other solutions available is the performance, which is more than ten times faster using block technology vs. record by record.”

—Anke Mailaender, team manager of NonStop services, Experis

In addition, during 2022, TANDsoft added several new capabilities to the FS Compare and Repair solution. Now, the solution can:

E-2-S 4.0 Enables Seamless Migration 

TANDsoft’s next generation E-2-S 4.0 enables teams to do seamless migration of Enscribe applications to SQL/MX or SQL/MP—without making any changes to Enscribe code.  E-2-S 4.0 uses static compiled SQL statements, rather than dynamic. This offers significant advantages in efficiency. 

New For 2023: Active/Active support

In 2023, we’ve already had some exciting news. First, we’ve added significant new capabilities to our FS Compare and Repair solution. To date, customers have typically used FS Compare and Repair in environments in which a production server is being compared against a disaster recovery (DR) system. Now, the solution also offers support for active/active environments.

Expanded Team, New Features in the New Year

To better serve our expanding customer base, we’ve also recently hired new members to our team. In addition, in the coming months, we’ll look to add our block and record hashing technology to new TANDsoft or partner solutions. Finally, we’ll also be rolling out enhancements to our product monitoring, reporting, and display capabilities.

TANDsoft at the 2023 SunTUG Sunshine Summit

The 2023 SunTUG Sunshine Summit will be taking place on March 3rd and 4th in Tampa, Florida. TANDsoft is a sponsor at the event. We’ll be presenting at 10:30 am on March 3rd, and we’ll also be set up in the vendors room. Be sure to attend our presentation and stop by our stand to get more information. Find out why so many teams choose TANDsoft. Hear about our latest solution advancements and how they can help your organization.